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How Much Should You Think About Your Kids When You’re Picking a Place to Move In?

Moving to a new place might be exciting for you, but not for your kids who have already settled in and built friendships in your current address. For them, a move is disruptive. If, like many, you decided to move to the suburbs and countryside because of the high cases of Covid-19 back in the city, then you are in for a treat. News flash: as much as your intentions are noble, it might not be the best thing to do for your kids.

After the move, kids need to acclimate themselves to a new school. They might find themselves lagging behind their classmates in terms of social relationships and academic achievements. Are they going to be okay? Ultimately, your move will depend on how ready your kids are for a new environment.

Preparing Your Kids

You’ve been thinking about buying this real estate for sale, but it’s on the other end of the coast. You haven’t thought much about it until you received a call from a company on that same side of the country. They are offering you a job. What coincidence, right? Only that it is not because life is funny that way. This is a golden opportunity that you cannot pass up as a family.

You have to sit down and talk with your kids. Preparing them for the move is one of the most important steps in any major decision that will impact their lives. They have rights, too. Respect those rights by letting them know that this is the best thing to do as a family.

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Involve the Children

Get the kids to participate in every process of the move. If you are eyeing a new home, ask for their opinions. If they’re still too young to choose what room to have, you can experiment with colors. For example, you can give them two toys in different colors. See which toy they like to play with the most. That will tell you what kind of colors they are attracted to right now.

If they are old enough to pack, then let them pack their things. Ask them for help in packing yours, too. Are you decluttering? This is a good time to teach them how to practice minimalism, as well as how to let go of things they don’t need.

Yes, Kids Should Have a Say

If your kids are now older, let them have their say. This is a great way to make sure the lines of communication are open. When your kids know that you value their opinion, they will never hesitate to open up to you about anything. They’ll see you as a friend. They will let you into their lives and secrets.

Most parents will tell you not to let your kids dictate what will happen to your life as a family. That is true. Opportunities often only knock once. Who can say when another one like this will open up? You cannot let it pass because your kids don’t want to be away from their friends.

However, instead of forcing them to follow what you want to do, make them see the logic of why moving is a better thing. In the simplest way, tell them that once you moved into this new home, you will be able to give them better opportunities. Highlight the positives in the move, but also listen to their fears. Are they going to have friends there? What will be the activities they can get involved in?

It is natural for kids to balk at the thought of leaving their present homes. It is their comfort zone. Nobody wants being uprooted from a place they love. However, if you work through these feelings together, you might be surprised how well-adjusted your kids can be.

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