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How Much Should You Spend on Interior House Painting?

Today, painting contractors in Park City, Utah, can charge around $1.30 per square foot for residential work. The actual rate, however, will depend on the materials and size of your house.

The cost of labor will take a significant part of your expenses. For instance, the professional fee for painting a 1,600-square-foot home can reach $1,621 for 36.4 hours of work. If you decide to buy your own materials, you should expect to spend approximately $453. Take note that in exchange for saving money from not hiring a professional, be prepared to reserve more than two days of your time to complete the job especially if it’s your first time to paint your house.

Price by Size

While bigger homes cost entail a more significant amount, some painting contractors in Park City can quote a fixed price despite having a smaller space. Garages, decks, and sheds commonly have a flat rate, so ask about any price differences. Other professionals charge their rates based on the number of hours or the square footage of your property.

The necessary preparation, equipment and materials, and clean-up work before and after a paint job also determine the overall price. You can reduce the cost of professional labor by prepping the surface to be painted on your own. If it’s an inside job, put away heavy items and make the area as accessible as possible. Hard-to-reach places inside the house can increase a contractor’s price.

Is It Cheaper to Install Wallpaper Instead?

You might think that wallpaper is a cheaper alternative, which is true because you can buy a primary roll for just $5. Wallpaper installation, however, can be more difficult when it’s a DIY project. It can be challenging to match patterns or seams and hang the material perfectly on the wall. Some types of wallpaper are hard to remove as well so pick ones that can peel off easily in case you want to replace it.

If you decide to hire a professional to install wallpaper, the usual price can cost from $250 to $1,000 per room. You’re better off spending this amount on painting the walls because wallpaper doesn’t increase the value of your house.

Why Wall Paint Is Better

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Painted walls have certain disadvantages like showing signs of wear and tear within the first two years of application. Despite some drawbacks, the most significant benefit of having a new coat of paint involves a bigger resale value for your home.

For instance, a study suggested that painting your front door with a dark color like charcoal or jet black allows you to sell the property for an additional $6,271. A high-quality paint color usually costs $50 per gallon, so it’s a reasonable expense with a high return on investment.

Look for a contractor who specializes in different painting services to get the most out of your budget. It’s better to hire an insured professional, especially when they need to work in high places around the house. While rates in Park City are variable, request for project quotes from as many contractors as possible to compare the best prices.

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