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Affordable Methods to Improve Warehouse Safety

Whether you’re just starting your own warehouse business or have just purchased one for your company’s storage requirements, remember that safety and security are mandatory for all these structures.

Not only are they legally required for your company to continue operations, but they’re also a necessity since you can lose earnings due to accidents and mishaps. With that in mind, you can start by implementing these few inexpensive methods that can impressively improve the safety status of any warehouse.

Safety Signs

One of the most effective means of preventing any accidents is the strategic installation of warning and safety signs inside and outside your structure. And it would be preferable if you actually purchase professionally made ones that follow the overall safety standards of your state or city.

Instead of printing and installing signs yourself, it’s still best to contact reputable safety signage suppliers that can give you quality but affordable pieces. They can even install them for you, allowing you to focus on your tasks instead.

Training Sessions and Meetings

This doesn’t necessarily mean hiring third-party trainers to hold workshops or seminars for you. It can be as simple as weekly group discussions that can be done on-site or online where everyone shares safety concerns, experiences, and suggestions.

You can also hold short team or department meetings to share new company regulations and programs related to health and security. This may mean spending extra time with your workers, but it also shows your concern for their welfare. And this can definitely increase the quality of working relationships within your company.

Bright Lights and Clothing

Choose the brightest hue available over the standard colors when purchasing your hard hats and high visibility vests. And to ensure that your staff will always be easily seen, improve, and add to your lighting fixtures.

Remember that in most warehouses, men and machine work side by side and visibility issues can easily lead to disastrous results. Check for dark corners, blind spots, and poorly illuminated aisles in your warehouse.

If you’re worried about sudden bursts in utility costs, replace your light fixtures with LED models since they can greatly reduce your warehouse’s electrical consumption.

Be Clean and Clutter-Free

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According to a recent guide on warehousing safety, almost 25% of major accidents are caused by slips and trips. Similarly, forklifts are have injured around 95,000 warehouse workers per year, according to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

This gives you more reason to make sure that your warehouses are kept clean, organized, and well-maintained. After all, most falls are caused by liquids, debris, or obstructions.

Meanwhile, these same issues can also get in the way of forklifts being able to maneuver properly in their designated areas. Keep your areas spic and span, and you’ll greatly reduce the possibility of an accident actually happening.

Owning a warehouse or warehouse business can be a very profitable venture. However, the longevity, profits, and success of your company can also be affected by the number of mishaps and disasters that happen within your business address.

Also, making sure that your people and property are always safe and accident-free should be every company owner’s responsibility and even a priority. Start with these inexpensive suggestions first, then move on to more costly ones later. After all, there’s no proper excuse for putting off safety precautions.

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