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Honoring The Man Of The House: Appreciating What Fathers Do For The Family

When it comes to parenting, the spotlight usually shines on the mother. Nobody can put a price on what mothers do for their families.

Mothers are typically the object of songs, poetry, and are the most honored among the two in all forms of media.

Allow us to take the spotlight off of mothers and direct it to the other half of the tag team, one as deserving but rarely honored.

Fathers may not be as revered as moms but it is hard to discount all they do for their families, too. We typically only show them appreciation whenever it’s Father’s Day or when their birthday comes.

We’d take them out to dinner, treat them to a massage or a movie, go home, and forget about them the next day.

Let’s take this time now to talk about the great men in our homes.

The Value of a Father

They parent differently. As early as 8 weeks of age, infants can already tell the difference between their mothers and fathers mainly through interaction. This difference that both parents bring gives the child a broader and richer experience in their relational interactions compared to those who were raised by only one parent.

They play differently. ; While both the father and the mother can be physical when it comes to playtime, dads tend to be more physical compared to moms. It is found that children who have had plenty of roughhousing with their fathers have more physical self-control and have a better sense of balance between aggression and timidity.

They communicate differently.  Dads have their own distinct style in communicating. They’re mostly direct to the point and brief. While mothers like to talk to children at their level, most dads won’t modify their language. Children who are exposed to both styles of communication have the upper hand when they step out into the real world.

They discipline differently. Another difference dads and moms have is in the area of discipline. Dads lean toward justice and fairness while moms are more gracious and compassionate. A father’s discipline gives the child a good sense of objectivity and a clearer understanding of the consequences. Mom’s way gives kids a sense of hope. When combined, they provide children a healthy balance in this area.

They teach respect for women. Children who grow up with involved fathers have a good role model to look up to when it comes to relating with and treating women. Girls who are raised in a home with a loving father is likely to end up with good men because they have their fathers as their standard. Similarly, boys who grow up in a family with a hands-on dad will end up becoming a good man and husband.

Honoring Thy Father

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There are a lot of ways that you can teach your children to show their dads how much they appreciate them.

  1. Teach your children to obey them.

Moms, you are in a great position to encourage your children to obey their fathers. .Not dealing with any disobedience can be one of a father’s highlights to his day.

  1. Help your kids develop an attitude of gratitude.

Nobody likes being around whiners and complainers. If you teach your children the value of thankfulness, they will grow up with happy and content hearts, which is what every dad wants for their kids.

  1. Have them work on a “dad journal.”

Encourage your children to keep a journal chronicling their father’s good deeds and funny antics. Present it to him yearly on a special occasion and go through all the things written in it. Being reminded of the cool things he did and the funny dances he does will surely lift his spirit.

  1. Give him a theme party for the special “dad” occasions.

Dads are also fun people. Give him a theme party on his birthday or on Fathers’ Day. It may be about basketball, movies, toys, or whatever he’s into. Surround him with stuff that he likes and see him get excited like a kid given unlimited purchasing power in a toy store.

  1. Teach them to serve lovingly.

Get your kids to volunteer to do things for him like washing his car or giving him a kiddie massage by stepping on his back. He will surely enjoy the royal treatment.

  1. Allow them to get to know their dad better.

Tell your children to ask their father questions about his life — what he was like as a kid, what troubles he got himself into, how he fell in love with you, and other personal stuff. ; This lets them know and understand him better.

  1. Help restore and build secure relationships between your children and their father.

Perhaps your children never got to the point of having the security of a good and loving relationship with their father, maybe from indifference, absenteeism, or offense, encourage them to talk to their father and extend forgiveness even if he did not ask for it. If now is not the right time, be on the lookout for the right opportunity for restoration of their relationship.

Ultimately, as the mother, your children will look to you and look at you as you relate with your husband. Understand that you should be their role model in honoring their father.

In honor of all the fathers out there who are doing their best to provide for their families in all areas of life — financially, materially, emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually — thank you for all you do.

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