customer in the salon taking selfie with her hairdresser

Hairdressing Tools You Need to Have

Hairdressing is a skill like any other, though many people don’t view it as highly as some other skills. But with the right tools, a good hairdresser can transform someone completely. Whether you are pursuing a profession in this field or find it fascinating, to do anything in it requires that you have a complete set of tools. Here’s a brief guide on the sorts of tools that you need to buy.

Cutting Tools

One of the most basic items that you will need to buy is a set of professional hair cutting shears. A lot of people think that any set of scissors will do, but when you’re cutting hair, you will want to get scissors that are designed to cut hair. The edges of these scissors are sharp and will ensure that each snip will take a lock of hair.

When getting shears, you’ll want at least two. One of them will be your all-purpose shears. This will be for cutting the larger sections of hair and for general cutting. These are usually around five to six inches in length. Another pair will be your blending shears. These will be used to soften lines and control the texture of the hair by making quick cuts. They usually have a comb-like blade with evenly-spaced teeth on one side and a straight blunt edge on the other.

Besides scissors, you will also want razors and other tools that will help in trimming and controlling hair. These will be the main parts of your toolset.

Styling Tools

Now that you’ve trimmed hair to the level that you can control, it’s time to start styling it. Styling tools are meant to turn the hair into the shape that you desire. This is why curling irons are an important part of styling. They are an essential tool for styling. There are a lot of hairstyles you can do with even the most basic curling iron.

It all depends on how you wrap the hair around the iron. You can get loose and wavy curls, or you can get a sophisticated look. If you want more flexibility, you can buy curling irons of multiple sizes and even straightening tools so that you can go to town with the hairstyles you can create. Clips and pins are also used to set the hairstyle in the position that you want them to. Hair dryers can also be of assistance in creating certain hairstyles.=

Grooming Tools

Finally, there are grooming tools. These are the combs and brushes that will round out the styling that you did with the styling tools. With styling, you do dramatic changes to a person’s hair. Grooming is a bit more subtle and ensures that any imperfections that come up because of styling are smoothed out. They also help during the styling process by cleaning up portions of the hair.

For example, a good brush helps disentangle hair before the curling irons are applied. This helps to make the hair easier to style. Combs can help with the cutting process by combing the hair to an accessible position for a better cut.

Making People Look Good

customer in the salon taking selfie with her hairdresser

Skillful hairdressing can completely change how people look. They can turn a frumpy woman to a glamorous lady. However, to do that, you’ll need a full set of the tools above. With the right equipment and some talent, there’s nothing that you can’t do as a hairdresser.

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