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To Do or Not to Do: Home Renovation Woes

A recent Harvard study shows that more homeowners are engaging in DIY projects. Their conclusion is hardly surprising because people had so much time in their hands. But some things are better left off to the hands of professionals.

Why not just do it yourself? This move will save you money. But you have to ask yourself if the estimated monetary savings is worth it. Remember that it is still an approximation. You are likely to spend much more than that.

Do we have your attention? Before you purchase any supplies, take a closer look at this article. It can save you from any regrets.


The contractor’s asking price would already include the use of their equipment. Would it not be cheaper if you will purchase it yourself? After all, you would not be paying for labor costs. But before you click on the purchase button, you have to consider a few things.

If you are thinking of purchasing personal safety gear, go right ahead.  You can use these items in the future. As long as you take good care of them, they can last for a long time.

Let us say that you are thinking of remodeling your home. Buying industrial-grade gloves and ear protection makes sense. The amount that you will spend on them is negligible. But if you are planning to buy something bulkier, you have to think again.

Unless you are in the construction business, you have to be circumspect when buying machinery. Purchasing such an item on an impulse is not exactly an economically prudent move. This machinery will lie idle after your first use. If you will need such a piece of equipment in your project, you should reconsider your plans.


Houzz.com published an article saying DIY projects can be good for your psyche. After such a horrible year, this non-intrusive therapy might be what you need. But carefully weigh the pros and cons before starting anything.

For example, you want to rehabilitate your home. You can achieve this by updating your interior color scheme and rearranging the pieces of furniture. But you have to rethink your plans if it involves removing walls.

This step is dangerous because you might accidentally demolish a load-bearing wall. This blunder might lead to the collapse of a portion of the house. You might not immediately see the consequences. But it leaves your home vulnerable.

Insisting on doing this job is foolhardy. Yes, you can find several articles on how to identify load-bearing walls. Unless you are in the construction business, you should not attempt to demolish any part of your house.

On the other hand, employing the help of a general contractor for this type of job makes a lot of sense. They can easily recognize which walls form part of your foundation and which ones are safe to remove. Their training and experience can ensure that such an accident will not happen.


Other than utter boredom, your main reason for undertaking this project is to save money. We can emphasize enough that there are things better left in the hands of experts. They will not only prevent tragic events. In doing so, they help you save money.

Let us tackle the previous example in which you insist on doing the home improvement project. The Bob Villa website lists falling objects as one of the most common reasons why weekend warriors end up in the ER. This risk multiplies several times if the area has high traffic.

These injuries might not lead to high medical fees because you and your loved ones are covered. But they can lead to loss of income because you are unable to work.

Tree trimming is another household chore that should be left in the hands of specialists. They are trained on how to prepare a tree branch before cutting it. This step will prevent the branch from falling on your house and causing extensive damage. It can also thwart bodily harm to unsuspecting passers-by.

With the Delta and Lambda variants on our doorstep, the possibility of another lockdown is high. It makes us think of the possible DIY projects that we can undertake. There are several jobs that you can try.

You can consider changing the layout of your garden. Or you can freshen up the color scheme of your exteriors. These projects are safe enough for you to try.

If you are looking at a chore that includes water and electricity, you should ask for professional help. If the job involves demolition, it is better left in the able hands of specialists. You will not regret employing their services.

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