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Planning Your Dream Home With Pets and Children

At any point in your life, you would have dreamt of what your perfect home would look like. Whether you prefer a quaint or grand house, turning that dream home into a reality is a life-long goal. Even though it can be an expensive endeavor, getting ahead on its planning and design can save you time and money in the future. This way, you will make fewer mistakes when the moment arrives.

As you get older, your dream home might change to compromise with the needs of your potential housemates. If you happen to have a child and a pet at the same time, you will definitely face challenges unless you plan. Depending on their age, behavior, and attitude, the design of your home must adjust accordingly.

Some aspects to consider in your home design are the areas designated for the pets and the children, the kind of flooring you intend to have, and the location of restricted rooms that they are not allowed to enter. Homebuilding is a major logistical project, but do not be deterred — there is nothing as satisfying as living in a house that you designed.

1. Designated Areas

Dogs strengthen the immune system of babies, justifying that they need to spend time together. However, it is important to decide which parts of your home are going to be allowed for your pet. You could consider where the child and the dog will interact in the house, acknowledging its high chance of becoming messy and, therefore, its need to be maintained.

Designating areas for their mealtimes, playtime, and bedtime can be helpful in designing your dream home. Rather than ignoring the habits of both your offspring and pet, you can better envision the space your house needs by designating some areas. Assigning rooms to certain purposes provides you with the information that can determine where your possessions should go.

For instance, you would never place your wires and cables near a hyperactive dog. They will appear to it as similar to ropes, a common favorite chew toy. Before you know it, all your important electrical conductors no longer work, prevented by multiple bite marks. If your dream home cannot afford a designated space for your dog, enrolling your pet in a dog obedience training class will help. It can also be an assurance of your child’s safety while being around your pet.

2. Flooring

The kind of floors you will use in your home is an aspect that is easily overlooked and commonly decided at the last minute. However, planning will save you time and money because it will not be procrastinated. Working on a huge project like your house can be costly if you do not do the research, especially when you live with pets and children.

flooring options

Figuring out which floors will work best with your kid and pet can reduce the chances of them damaging the floors and the frequency of maintenance. It also depends on the age of your child and pet. If you have a baby, carpeted floors might be a good way to keep them warm as they learn how to walk.

Again, having designated areas for eating, playing, and sleeping will help. A carpeted floor is difficult to maintain when your child always spills their food, or the pet’s ravenous appetite ends up with splashes of chow. You should carefully consider which floors should be placed where. Aside from the aforementioned advantages, flooring is also a safety concern. An example of this is using a hard floor in a room meant for playtime will make it easier for the child to bump their head.

3. Private and Restricted Rooms

As mentioned earlier, you will have designated areas for the child and pet. Likewise, having private and restricted rooms can protect your belongings from irreparable damage. For example, there are instances of untrained dogs being destructive when they are home alone. Securing your possessions is going to save you money and keep you from being frustrated with your housemates.

Training your pets never to enter these rooms is going to be a great advantage. Without opposable thumbs, some of them already know how to open doors. And, as children get older and become more curious, you might want to have an area locked and meant just for your private things.

Designing your dream home is a hobby that will reward you with the satisfaction of homeownership and a wish come true. Planning it all can prepare you better for the challenge this daunting task can provide, especially with children and pets.

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