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Do Rich People Only Marry for Business, Wealth, and Power?

On rare occasions when we’re given a sneak peek to the personal lives of rich people, we may commonly find that many of them are married to someone from the same social class. And we’re not talking about Hollywood stars here; we mean businesspeople, those with billion-dollar net worth but would rather stay low-key.

Many assume that single elites are married to bachelors whose families are in the same nature of business, for example, in order for a merger to be forged and wealth to be grown even further.

But professional luxury matchmakers, like those from prime cities like New York, have something else quite different to say. If marriages among their social class used to be orchestrated by their parents, now, bachelors and bachelorettes turn to matchmakers for help in finding their future spouses. Although economic statuses are still taken into account when looking for a potential match, matchmakers now find that it’s no longer the main thing that bonds rich couples together.

Preserving Wealth

Since the era of arranged marriages is now over for most, rich people are now free to choose whoever they want to spend the rest of their lives with. What about their businesses and their wealth?

Well, if no merger agreement is to be signed, they just look for other clever ways to preserve their individual wealth.

Rich married couples may separate their forms of income. They do this to protect their individual assets just in case things go downhill. Inheritance, for example, might be separated from other forms of income, so that it can be protected should legal issues arise.

Estate planning is also done immediately to have their assets organized. Since rich people always plan for the future, they make sure their assets will have somewhere to go in case they unexpectedly pass away. Estate planning also keeps their properties protected in case they decide to have a divorce.

A prenuptial agreement may also be signed by the couple before entering a marriage. Aside from being beneficial in case of a divorce, prenups can also benefit stay-at-home spouses.

How Rich Men Choose a Wife

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Considering everything stated above, you may think rich people worry too much; hence, all their assets must be separated because divorce is just looming around the corner. But it turns out that rich people, particularly men, are also keen on finding love and they seek someone worth keeping.

Experienced luxury matchmakers have found what makes a rich man marry a woman, and it isn’t her money.

Sometimes, rich men just figure out that the time has come for marriage and children. If they realize that the woman they’re dating will make a perfect mother for his future children, a.k.a. his heirs, they will not hesitate to put a ring on her finger.

But just like everybody else, rich men also fall deeply in love with someone who just understands them on a deep level. They’ll marry a mature woman who’s also easy-going, a team player, and is empathetic. They won’t waste time on someone who plays hard-to-get!

They’re also after a woman who’s highly organized. But contrary to what most may believe, highly organized — for rich men, at least — doesn’t entirely mean being a girl boss or an alpha female. Rich men prefer a mix of both, but they put more importance on a woman’s ability to tend to a household and handle family matters. But don’t be quick to judge. Rich bachelors will also fall for a woman they think is a full package — smart, family-oriented, understanding, and of course, beautiful inside and out.

Those being said, we can now break the belief that rich people only marry to make their businesses prosper even further, although it’s not impossible that some still practice that. However, whatever reasons they have, they ultimately wish for happiness and stability, just like everybody else.

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