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Design Your Garden to Survive Cold Climates

If you’re living in the northern part of the United States, you’re more likely to experience severely cold climates. If you’re planning to grow a garden, you can’t just put any plant you want; otherwise, it will shrivel up and die from the cold.

Fortunately, there are tips to ensure that your garden is resistant to cold climates. If you apply them to your backyard, your landscape designer in Spokane or anywhere else in the northern hemisphere of the United States will definitely give you a nod of approval. Here are some suggestions for designing a lovely garden even in cold climates:

Choose tough perennial plants

According to experts, perennial plants are quite resistant to cold climates. Although some of them will wilt when winter comes (almost all plants in existence can’t blossom through winter), they can easily come back in spring. Perennial cornflowers and oregano are capable of breaking through the soil and growing back again even when winter is still in its last stages.

Artemisias tend to break through the soil a little bit later, but gardeners say that they’re consistent in blooming. You won’t have to worry about it not growing back again after winter ends. If you want to see some color in your garden after winter, get perennial plants and put them in your backyard.

Take inspiration from the Japanese

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Some Japanese gardens are quite minimalistic in design. Instead of dense foliage of flowers, orchids, and any other plants, some Japanese gardeners opt to use rocks in designing their gardens. You can apply this to your own garden to ensure that it will survive the winter.

By taking inspiration from the Japanese, you’re opting for a Zen look for your garden, which means fewer plants and therefore fewer chances of having dead plants when the temperature gets really low. You can get some perennial plants and put them in strategic places in your backyard, like in the middle of your garden and at the corners. You can put your pebbles and stones in extra spaces in between to give that minimalistic look.

Portable plants

Another way to ensure that your backyard has plants that are lovely to the eye and is able to survive winter, you can simply put plants in pots. By putting your plants into pots, you can always carry them inside your home when the temperature outside is too cold.

Don’t focus too much on plants

Finally, you can create a garden that can resist the harsh temperatures of winter. It’s inevitable that plants don’t do well in cold climates, except for pine trees. Instead of filling your backyard with several ornamental plants, why don’t you opt to spruce it up with the use of some furniture and light fixtures?

You can improve the look of your backyard by installing a cozy gazebo or a swing, or you can even hang some strip lights across your yard. After you’ve taken care of the large parts of your backyard, you can then put some plants (preferably in pots) as an additional decoration.

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