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Clear Braces in W1 – A Guide

Growing up, were you unhappy with your teeth and felt like you needed braces? Or maybe you have noticed some imperfections in recent years and, now as an adult, you would like to undergo dental treatment without it being noticed by others. Well, there is now a dental treatment available for those who want a more discreet option when it comes to straightening or correcting your teeth which are clear braces in W1.

So how do Clear braces in W1 work?

A form of cosmetic dentistry, clear braces in W1 are used to transform teeth which either have gaps, are crowded or crooked and to correct an individual’s bite.

If you decide to have clear braces in W1, your first appointment at your local dentist will be with a specialist orthodontist where you will have a full consultation. At this consultation the orthodontist will give you the chance to voice any concerns you have with your teeth, as well as discussing all the cosmetic brace options suitable for you. The orthodontist will also examine your teeth and mouth to have a closer look at the dental issues you may have. X-rays and photographs of your teeth will also be taken in order for the orthodontist to create a treatment plan unique to you. Once this has been created and you agreed on the best cosmetic treatment available for you, an appointment will be booked where the clear braces in W1 will be fitted, which will start off your journey towards achieving your ideal smile.

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Throughout your dental treatment with clear braces, your dentist will arrange for you to visit the practice  between every one or two months so that they can check on the progress on your teeth as well as to make adjustments such as tightening the braces so that your teeth can continue to move slowly into the desired position. Once the treatment is complete, retainers will either be fixed at the back of your teeth or you will be provided with removable retainers which you will be required to wear before going to bed in order to prevent your teeth from reverting back to their previous position.

The benefits of having clear braces in W1

Having clear braces in W1 provides many benefits for those who decide to go ahead with this cosmetic treatment. As mentioned earlier, clear braces are made to be discreet so they are barely visible to others while you have them on, so they are a perfect option for those who do not want people to be aware that they are undergoing dental treatment. Clear braces  are made in order that they blend more naturally with your teeth which also makes them an ideal option for those who are in professions where appearance is the primary focus.

As clear braces are used to straighten teeth and close gaps, this dental treatment also promotes patients to maintain a good oral care regime as closing gaps means that it is less likely that bacteria will form between gaps which can affect your oral health.

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