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Change Your Home, Change Your Life!

Most people think of making a home look better when it comes to renovations. But when you have a growing family, you may seriously consider choosing improvements that make it easier to handle your family. Whether you plan to have a small or a large family, there are some things around the house that you can make safer or simpler to use. Here are some areas where you can make some positive changes in your house.

Hardwood Floors

One great change that you can make to your house is hardwood flooring. It may seem dangerous compared to carpeting, but this is deceptive. Studies show that carpeting can become a repository for various indoor pollutants. This includes dust, dander, pet hair, allergens, and more. These all contribute to worse health conditions for you and your family. Even with regular vacuuming, it is still a lot of work to maintain.

Hardwood floors are much easier to clean, and they look great. They can also be affordable, depending on the wood that you use. Yo don’t need to use exotic wood. Dependable oak or maple are common enough and durable enough for the job.

Stone Counter Tops

When you have children, they will play anywhere. They can have fun all over the place and even in your kitchen. The trouble with that is you might see your valuable parts get chipped, damaged, or stained. Upgrading your countertops is one thing you can do so that your kitchen will remain great no matter what punishment it goes through.

The best option available is a granite countertop. The material has several positive properties. For one, it is very resistant to abrasion. Your children could drag their toys all over the surface, and there won’t be a scratch. Additionally, they can handle a lot of weight. This can be useful if you want a surface to lay heavy objects on. Finally, you can polish the granite to a good shine, which makes it very attractive.

Another option for your kitchen is a quartz countertop. Quartz is the second-best option since it composes 10 to 50 percent of granite rock. It is actually what makes the granite so strong. It is harder than granite, but it will require some sealing and maintenance. But the other advantage of quartz is that it is very non-porous, which makes cleaning it a breeze. A simple wipe and your countertop will be clean.

Beautiful bedroom interior

Comfortable Bunk Beds

If you are limited on space for your children, one good option is to have them share a room. While it may seem like a recipe for disaster to share a room, there are benefits to room sharing for siblings. This includes a better relationship and increased resilience.

To save space, you don’t need to get them separate beds. Just get a bunk bed so that they can have more space for their belongings. They are also pretty fun. If you want to go all out, don’t buy a bunk bed. Build one instead and make it part of the room. This ensures that you can make it as big as you need it while also reflecting the personality of the child. They also provide a layer of privacy in a shared room. Add built-in shelves and cubby holes so that your child can store their favorite books and toys. You can even throw in a nightlight so they won’t have to feel frightened.

Better Bathrooms

Most of the time, children will get a dedicated bathroom. Instead of sharing it with all members of the family, giving them their bathroom allows you to tailor it to their needs. You may have to renovate it every few years as they grow, but it is better for their comfort. Choose options that will last a long time. For example, you can use the normal height for counters and sinks. Instead, install or buy a non-slip stepladder so that children can use them like normal. Once they get to the right age, remove the stepladder, and you will have a normal bathroom.

There are other changes to make. While they are young, tubs are fine but as they grow older ensure there is an option for adding a shower. You should also ensure that all children have space for their toiletries, especially if they are different genders.

Making your home better is a great goal. With the right improvements, you and your family be happier and have an easier life. Consider all the options available and choose the ones that will best fit your current budget.

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