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Breast Test: What Your Boobs Are Saying About Your Health

Every woman is guilty of staring at her breasts for a long time, many times. Weird as it may sound, it’s actually a good habit.

Your lady lumps aren’t just good for breastfeeding or good looks — they reveal a great deal about your well-being. That’s why it makes sense to always check them out. Here are some of the things your boobs might be telling you about your health:

On growing and shrinking

If you think your breasts are growing, it might mean that you’re going to have your red day soon. Changes in hormone levels as your period day nears can cause breast tissues to experience a growth spurt. This is true also when you’re pregnant or starting on a new birth control pill.

On the flip side, after period or childbirth, the boobs will get smaller. In some instances, moms done with breastfeeding struggle with breasts smaller than their pre-baby breasts. It leaves most women asking if they’re ever going to get back those boobs.

Unfortunately, it would be difficult to have those shapely lumps again. But of course, you can get breast implants Salt Lake City plastic surgeons provide. A lot of moms experience a renewed sense of confidence with these cosmetic treatments.

Another reason your boobs are growing or shrinking in size is weight gain or loss. If you’ve been eating a lot and exercising less recently, it might also be the reason your boobs are expanding. If you’ve just lost a lot of weight, you can expect some of those fats taken from your chest area.

On uneven sizes and shapes

Woman measuring her chest sizeIf the sizes of your boobs don’t match, you’re not alone. This is a common complaint women have. It has something to do with genes, so if your mom or grandma has it, they might have passed it to you. But in general, there’s nothing to worry about.

No pair of breasts are perfectly symmetrical in size and shape. If you’re worried about it though, breast implants are again helpful. Ask your cosmetic surgeon if you’re a good candidate for the treatment.

If you’ve never been asymmetrical all your life, however, and you just noticed the change lately, it’s a concern you should talk to your doctor about. A dramatic increase or decrease in size or shape, along with changes in texture and color of your breasts, might signal the presence of tumors. Your physician might suggest having mammograms or breast ultrasounds to confirm or rule out health problems.

On stray hairs

This might signal a problem called polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS). This is a condition wherein the ovaries or the adrenal glands produce more male hormones in the body, causing cysts to form. With more testosterone, you get extra hairs on certain parts of the body, such as the breast.

Other symptoms of this condition are acne, irregular periods, and weight gain. Usually, doctors recommend birth control pills to manage such symptoms. Consult your doctor for treatments, especially because this is a risk factor for infertility.

Again, your lady lumps reveal a great deal about your health. So, go, stare away and check them out always. Consult your doctor about the changes you notice.

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