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Bauhaus in the House: Using this Interior Design Theme

Looking at the trends on interior design, you will see that Japanese and Scandinavian themes have endured. They are timeless, indeed, and they suit every type of home. They make use of the space well, meaning no square meter should be wasted. But, there are people who are looking for a means to design their homes whilst incorporating some strong outlines and aesthetics. If you do want to depart from minimalism yet still want to use some avant-garde aesthetics, you should go German this time — go for Bauhaus.

Bauhaus is a philosophy of design where it was thought that arts, manufacturing, and design will come together to form a fine art. Its major proponent is Walter Gropius who is its founder. The 20th-century design philosophy will emerge as one of the most enduring modernists, which is still visible in different homes and commercial establishments. If you are rooting for a brutalist design for your home, here are some of the things you may want to keep in mind:

Leave the floor bare

It may be a counterintuitive way to exemplify Bauhaus, but there are variations of this design that uses bareness as part of the brutalist aesthetic. A lot of companies and offices have bare floors, which constitute their eclectic and industrial tastes. Do not worry if you are going to leave it bare since you are actually going to have it polished. A good quality floor wax is something that you need at this point. Just caulk the cracks if you don’t want imperfections.

Go for geometric aesthetics

Minimalist living roomWhile certain variations of minimalist design favour clean lines, you have some leeway when it comes to Bauhaus. You can go a bit of avant-garde here. That is something that you can do with the help of geometric design pieces, which include furniture and displays. For example, Wassily chairs and Barcelona chairs all make good design items, knowing that they are designed by Bauhaus masters themselves. But you can actually go for items that have similar leanings.

Think metallic

Metallic aesthetics are not essentially the main parts of the Bauhaus movement. It is actually a component, as seen in the chairs and tables and similar pieces. If you want to make a difference, you can always make the metallic parts shine the best. You can use metals as linings for your ceilings or even floor mouldings, too. The railings or balustrades of your stairs and balcony can also use some metal. Go for classic choices, such as stainless steel.

But don’t forget the glass

Glass is class. Another characteristic trait of Bauhaus is the extensive use of glass. You can go for glass walls for your interiors for your classy dividers. You can have floor-to-ceiling glass windows to let the natural light in, or you may consider using glass cavity sliding doors.

Bauhaus is a design philosophy that you may want to implement in your house to give it a maximalist and minimalist feel. To reduce your mistakes and some costly challenges, it will be wise if you work with a reliable interior designer who knows this too well.

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