A Beginner’s Guide to Starting a Journal

Many people believe that journaling holds a lot of power. For one, it lets you set aside some of your precious time to ponder on things and write anything about your life. And writing about your life does more than help you record and keep track of everything that you want to remember. It actually enables you to deal with challenging situations, spark new ideas, and help you plan your future. But starting with this therapeutic hobby requires more than journaling pens.

Start creating a habit

It’s best to write in your journal before you start your day. A lot of people see journaling to end their day. But doing so often gets it thrown out to the corner. Instead, you can try doing your journal as soon as you wake up and write for a few minutes before you get out of bed. This can help you guarantee that you can stick to the habit religiously.

Use mobile apps

Woman using phoneAlthough most people prefer doing it in a physical notebook, there are others who prefer to use their gadgets to start their journal. If you’re one of these people, then using an app to help you record your day is a great way to create your journal. There are mobile apps that can provide you with a wide range of options that enable you to record videos or take pictures as you get along your day.

Utilize the right tools

If you prefer a more traditional approach, then you can start your journal by getting a pen and a paper. You can begin with a handwritten journal first for the first couple of weeks. Doing it more traditionally makes it more authentic since you can’t change anything. Also, research shows that writing helps stimulate your brain’s reticular activating system. Thus, allowing you to materialize the things that come to your mind.

Create a conducive atmosphere

Bear in mind that journaling is all about you and all the things that you want to remember. So, the best way to record it is to create a conducive environment. Minimize distractions by getting rid of all the clutter and keeping everything neat and tidy. Like most writers who isolate themselves when doing their work, you also need your personal space to focus on your journal.

However, doing so doesn’t mean that you must go to a secluded area every time you want to write in your journal. All you need is a quiet area to help you hear your thoughts and write everything that comes in your mind. You can try to turn the TV off and find a peaceful spot in your home to help you focus.

How you write your journal should depend on your personal preference. The important thing is that you choose a method that you like and do it consistently. The best way to do it is always to keep it with you. Doing so will make it easier for you to jot down your thoughts as soon as inspiration strikes.

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