Your Outdoor Spring Wedding Planning Checklist

Spring wedding planning is extremely exciting, and often a dream come true for those who have always wanted an outdoor wedding. If you’re interested in spring wedding planning, but you’ve never planned a wedding in the past, there are quite a few ways to go about preparing to ensure you’re on the right track at all times. Whether you’re hosting a quaint wedding in your backyard or if you’re planning a destination wedding in the spring, there are a few tips to remember that can ensure your outdoor gathering goes as smoothly as possible from start to finish.

Gown and Accessories

Before you can settle on a location for your outdoor spring wedding, you’ll want to find the perfect wedding gown and accessories to go with it. Finding the perfect gown and accessories is possible by visiting a local and traditional bridal shop near you while also comparing modern and attractive styles that are relevant to you online. While visiting local bridal shops, inquire about your options in terms of hosting a bridal party in the shop and how to go about ordering special dresses based on your size and any specific accessories or add-ons you’re interested in at the time.

The more detailed your original vision of your outdoor spring wedding, the easier it’ll be to find representatives at local bridal shops who can walk you through the process. When you’re working with experienced bridal shop experts, you can also ask questions regarding the types and styles of dresses that are most popular and suitable for an outdoor spring wedding. While choosing the perfect dress for your wedding is often extremely subjective, having the assistance of a professional who works with bridal gowns each day can help put your mind at ease once it is time for you to finalize your decision and make a purchase.

Location, Location, Location

When it comes to spring wedding planning, location, location, location matters. From searching for unique wedding places outdoors for a destination wedding to creating the perfect marriage atmosphere in your own backyard, finding the right location is crucial when you’re planning an outdoor spring wedding of your own. Choosing the location of your outdoor spring wedding will likely depend on the size of your wedding, your wedding’s budget, and the vision you have for the event itself.

You can also conduct some research online to find unique wedding destinations outdoors that may be ideal for you and your future spouse, especially during the springtime. While you’re researching and comparing wedding venues and specific locations, you’ll also need to keep the transportation of your guests in mind. Whether you opt to offer wedding transportation solutions or if you intend to request your guests find their own transportation, you’ll need to solidify these plans well ahead of time in advance.

If you’re planning to host a destination wedding, you’ll want to consider the number of guests you will be providing and inviting and how they will be getting to the wedding itself. From using a traditional wedding shuttle to assisting guests with taxi services or even inclusive discounts, there are many options to consider and keep in mind when you’re planning a destination wedding or any springtime wedding outdoors. Keep in mind that if you’re determined to plan a destination wedding, there is not always a guarantee that all guests will have the ability or means to attend, depending on the location and distance from their original location.

Climate and Temperature

Anyone who’s determined to go forward with their spring wedding planning ideas will also want to consider the climate and temperature they will be hosting their wedding once the time comes. Climate and temperature matter, especially for potential guests who may be elderly, sensitive, or even have compromised immune systems. Before settling on the perfect location for you and your soon-to-be spouse to tie the knot, you’ll want to research climate predictions and averages to ensure you’re selecting the ideal spot.

While the weather is always unpredictable and cannot be entirely controlled, it is possible to determine if a particular wedding destination you’re interested in is more or less likely to experience inclement weather during your ceremony and/or reception based on its location and region. Conducting a bit of geographical research on your favorite intended wedding destinations can also provide the insight you need to make a more informed decision once the time comes to get serious about your wedding planning efforts. When you’re fully aware of what to potentially expect when you’re planning a wedding in a particular location, the easier it’ll be for you to ensure proper backup plans and resources for storms or other issues that may arise.

Backup Plans

Including backup plans for your ceremony and even your attending guests is always recommended when you’re in the process of spring wedding planning. Incorporating a backup plan for guest accommodations and even the location of your outdoor ceremony is always advisable when you’re planning to get married outdoors or when you’re planning a destination wedding that is not in your home state or hometown. Not only will backup plans allow you to maintain your peace of mind as you plan your wedding, but they can also help alleviate stress that some of your guests may be experiencing as they decide whether to attend or not.

Creating a backup plan for guests, ceremonies, and even for an outdoor reception is always recommended for those who want to have a fairytale wedding outdoors. While your original plans may go off without a hitch, this is not always guaranteed, as nature can be unpredictable, even during the springtime and the most beautiful months of the year. When you have backup plans in order, you can then move forward with the planning of your upcoming wedding knowing that your event will go over smoothly regardless of outside influences and even bad weather.

Guest Comfort and Seating

When it comes to spring wedding planning, you’ll also want to consider the comfort of your guests and how they will be enjoying themselves as you get married to your new spouse. Depending on the exact location you’ve selected for your outdoor spring wedding, you may have the ability to research a wedding tent rental to prevent your guests from being overexposed to the sun and, in some cases, even to high winds. You will also want to consider the type of seating you’ll be offering for your guests based on the type of ground you will be getting married on. Some chairs may be better than others if your guests are sitting on tall grass, sand, or even near muddier areas.

When it comes to ensuring maximum comfort for your guests, you may also need to look into a local porta john rental service for the big day, depending on the facilities that are readily available and accessible in the location where you intend to get married. If your outdoor wedding is devoid of any restrooms or facilities, your guests may find it challenging to enjoy themselves, especially once they begin eating and drinking. Investing in a Porta John rental is one of the best ways to offer toilets and facilities to guests when you’re planning a spring wedding, regardless of the location you finally settle on.

Color Scheme and Decor

Just because you’re planning to get married outdoors does not mean you will not want to select a color scheme and themed decor to usher in the new marriage and union. Selecting the perfect color scheme and decor for your spring wedding will highly depend on your personal style, preferences, and the location of your intended outdoor wedding. If you’re unsure of where to begin when it comes time to choose a color scheme and the type of decor that is suitable for your wedding, you can turn to a professional wedding planner or seek the inspiration and spark you need online with various DIY wedding groups and communities.

Food Freshness

While you’re pondering your spring wedding planning ideas, you’ll also want to consider how you intend to serve your guests food. Whether you’re thinking of providing local foods and drinks or if you’re interested in event catering, solidifying your plans ahead of time can ensure you’re wholly prepared for the event once the big day arrives. If you want to offer professionally catered foods, you can do so by getting to know more about the catering providers and independent chefs in the area where your wedding destination will be located.

Because food freshness matters at a wedding, especially one that is hosted outdoors, you’ll want to ensure any caterer you choose to hire is well-versed and experienced at cooking and serving food outside. Anytime you’re in the market for a new catering service or provider, you’ll also want to verify that the provider is licensed and insured to offer food in an outdoor setting and to a large group of customers at various events. Always verify the licensing, certification, and even insurance of any provider you choose to hire for your wedding day.

Outdoor Games and Entertainment

Whenever you’re in the process of handling spring wedding planning for an upcoming event for yourself, you’ll want to consider what types of games and entertainment you’ll be providing your guests and attendees. From researching a golf cart rental service to hiring live entertainers or a full-time bartender are all options to help bring your outdoor spring wedding to life, regardless of where you choose to host it. When you’re pondering new ideas for games and entertainment at your upcoming outdoor spring wedding, you’ll want to set a budget in place to avoid overspending or hiring too many professionals to work during the day at once.


If you’re adamant about hosting an outdoor spring wedding or even a destination wedding, you’ll also need to keep the lodging of your guests and attendees in mind. This is especially important if you’re choosing to host a wedding in a more rural or desolate area, as hostels and hotels may be difficult to find nearby. If you’re in the process of planning an upcoming spring wedding, you may want to take the time to locate nearby hotels and even cabin rentals that may be appealing to and suitable for your guests.

Providing alternative lodging solutions and suggestions for wedding guests can encourage attendance while eliminating common stressors associated with wedding travel and outdoor wedding events altogether. In some cases, you may have the opportunity to call a hotel directly to inquire about group rates or discounts, especially if you have invited plenty of guests to your big day. Connecting with local cabin owners or hotel managers can go a long way when you’re planning the perfect outdoor spring wedding for you and your future spouse.


Taking care of the cleanup is also essential when you’re planning an outdoor spring wedding, especially if you’re doing so on public property. If you want to protect the surroundings of any area you’re getting married in, you can do so with local equipment rental or by turning to a company that allows you to rent residential dumpsters. Choosing to rent a residential dumpster ahead of time before your wedding day is a way for you to ensure you will not be leaving any trash or items behind once the ceremony and reception are over.

While you’re planning your wedding, ask someone at your wedding party to assist with the cleanup process. Provide them with instructions and guidance to ensure the entire wedding is cleaned up appropriately before the end of the night. Always take your time to research and compare various dumpster rental companies in the area you intend to get married in to ensure you are making the best decision while saving money in the process.

Whenever you’re involved with spring wedding planning, you’ll need to understand all aspects of the event and the process itself. The more familiar you are with what to expect while you’re in the process of spring wedding planning, the less likely you are to feel caught off-guard anytime a potential setback arises. Immersing yourself in the world of outdoor spring wedding planning can go a long way in allowing you to bring any vision you have for your special day to fruition.

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