Which Glue is Best for Your Craft Project?

 Craft projects often require a variety of adhesives to ensure that materials bond effectively and the finished piece is durable and visually appealing. Understanding the different kinds of glue available can help crafters choose the best product for their specific needs. Here’s a comprehensive guide to the various types of glue commonly used in craft projects, along with their applications, pros, cons, and sample projects.

Glue Sticks

Applications: Paper crafting, light-duty gluing tasks.
Pros: Easy to use, quick application, dries clear.
Cons: May not be suitable for heavy-duty bonding.

Sample Project: Scrapbooking

For a clean and straightforward scrapbooking project, glue sticks like Pritt Original and Scotch Glue Sticks are ideal. Pritt Original is known for its firm texture and longevity, while Scotch Glue Sticks offer good value for money and are great for adhering photos and paper cutouts to your scrapbook pages.

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Acetone-Based Glues

Applications: Fabric, paper crafting, glass, leather, wood, trims.
Pros: Fast-drying, non-buckling, dries clear.
Cons: Can be hard and brittle if applied too thickly.

Sample Project: Mixed Media Collage

For a mixed media collage involving different materials such as fabric, wood, and paper, acetone-based glues like Beacon Fabri-Tac, Beacon 3-in-1, and Kalal Glue are perfect. These glues provide a strong bond and dry quickly, allowing you to layer materials without warping or buckling.

Water-Based Glue

Applications: Paper and fabric crafts.
Pros: Dries clear, flexible finish, no buckling.
Cons: Limited availability in colder months due to freezing issues.

Sample Project: Handmade Cards

Creating handmade cards with intricate designs is easy with Art Glitter Glue. Its precision metal nib allows for detailed application, and the glue dries clear and flexible, ensuring your cards remain pristine and professional-looking.

Matte Medium

Applications: Decoupage, gluing napkins or tissue paper.
Pros: Low-tack, prevents tearing, dries clear.
Cons: Not suitable for heavy-duty bonding.

Sample Project: Decoupage Home Decor

For decoupage projects, such as decorating a wooden tray with napkins or tissue paper, Galleria Matte Medium is ideal. Its runny consistency and low tackiness make it easy to glue down delicate materials without tearing them, providing a smooth, clear finish.

Fabric Glue

Applications: Fabric projects requiring washability.
Pros: Makes fabric waterproof.
Cons: Limited to fabric applications.

Sample Project: Custom Tote Bags

When making custom tote bags that need to be washable, Mod Podge Fabric is the perfect choice. It not only adheres fabric securely but also makes it waterproof, allowing you to create beautiful, durable tote bags that can withstand regular use and washing.

Heavy Gel Medium

Applications: 3D dimensional projects.
Pros: Very strong, suitable for heavy embellishments.
Cons: Long drying time, thick consistency.

Sample Project: 3D Canvas Art

For 3D canvas art involving heavy embellishments like metal gears and thick buttons, Heavy Gel Medium such as Finna Bear Art Basics is essential. Its thick, gel-like texture ensures that once set, the pieces stay securely in place, making it perfect for creating textured, dimensional artwork.

E6000 Glue

Applications: Metal embellishments, jewelry making.
Pros: Very strong, versatile.
Cons: Original version has a strong odor.

Sample Project: Jewelry Making

In jewelry making, E6000 Plus is indispensable for securing metal embellishments like flat-back pearls to ring bases or earring backs. Its strong bond and low odor make it suitable for detailed, small-scale projects where precision and durability are key.

Dimensional Glue

Applications: Adding glossy, dimensional effects to projects.
Pros: Self-leveling, glossy finish.
Cons: Some brands have issues with air bubbles and thick consistency.

Sample Project: Decorative Tags

For decorative tags with a glossy, raised finish, Judikins Diamond Glaze or Anita’s Clear 3D Gloss Gel work wonderfully. These glues create a shiny, dimensional effect over focal images, adding a professional touch to gift tags or decorative elements.

Double-Sided Tape

Applications: Paper crafting, securing materials without mess.
Pros: Strong bond, easy to use.
Cons: Limited flexibility in positioning.

Sample Project: Card Making

For card making, using Ahoy Red Liner Tape by Wolfertz ensures strong adhesion for layers of paper and embellishments. Available in various widths, this tape is perfect for securing intricate designs and elements on your handmade cards.


In addition to these traditional adhesives, hot melt adhesives (commonly known as hot glue) are widely used in craft projects for their quick bonding capabilities, especially useful for heavier items or materials that require immediate adhesion.


Choosing the right glue for your craft projects can significantly impact the quality and durability of your creations. Each type of adhesive has its unique strengths and is suited to different applications, so having a variety of glues in your toolkit ensures you’re prepared for any crafting challenge.



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