When to Fix Your Furnace: Four Ways to Tell if Your Furnace Needs A Repair

Your furnace system plays a key role in keeping your household comfortable, especially when temperatures drop and it gets cold outside. It’s even more useful throughout the holiday season when everyone is at home for Christmas break, kicking back and getting cozy. The heating system, though, can get worn out despite being turned off for a few months. Here are some warning signs you should look out for to tell when your furnace is due for a repair.

Inconsistent Upkeep

“Warm temperature is essential in your home during the winter season, so avoid the attempts at DIY furnace repair if you want guaranteed comfort,” specialists at All Hours Plumbing and HVAC remind their customers. You may not notice the damage in your furnace during warmer seasons, so it’s important to have it looked at by professionals as soon as possible. In Salt Lake City, calling for reliable furnace repair services is the best action plan in your time of need. Most homeowners, possibly even you, lead busy lifestyles and are unable to inspect their HVAC systems routinely. Besides, the DIY route may not be the most effective choice.  So, it’s best to call an expert to check the condition of your furnace before it causes problems when you need it the most.

Odd Smells and Noises

Furnace system

If you hear things that go bump in the night, don’t get too spooked as this may be your furnace sending signals of distress. Although no furnace is ever completely quiet, it doesn’t normally produce weird bangs or thumps. Don’t overlook this as it may be a defect in your heating system. Be sure to contact a trained technician who can diagnose what the problem is. The same protocol goes when you detect a foul gas-like odor in your household. Chances are that the noises and smells are coming from your furnace. If this is the case, immediately shut down the furnace and call for repair services right away.

Temperature Malfunction

A surefire way of knowing that your furnace is due for repair is if it doesn’t produce heat the way it’s supposed to. This may be an indication that a fuse or a part of the circuit is blown. You may also check the thermostat in case it got changed to a wrong setting. Aside from having a technician come over to look at it, a quick remedy is to turn it off and turn it back on again after some time. If restarting doesn’t do the trick, it’s best to call for help instead of doing tinkering with it yourself, something which can be hazardous if done improperly.

Age and Inefficiency

On average, the lifespan of a furnace is 15 to 20 years. With consistent maintenance, your furnace may live up to its life expectancy. Over a course of a few years, though, your furnace may show signs of being ineffective. Parts and pieces require changing and cleaning. This is why regular checkups and maintenance are essential. Keep in mind, though, that if your unit is pushing 15 years and starts to act up, it may be best to look into a replacement. It’s also best to ask your trusted repairman when they think a replacement is necessary.

Just like any of your household appliances, your HVAC system needs to be checked every so often. It’s important to give your furnace the care and repair that it needs — good upkeep and maintenance will ensure that you and your household stay cozy and warm during the cold seasons.

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