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What Makes Pregnancy Difficult: 3 Questions to Ask Your Doctor

It may seem unfair how other couples can conceive without effort while you have to change several aspects of your lifestyle just to increase your chances of success. It’s not a game of luck, however. There are certain things that make pregnancy more difficult, which is why you should not compare your progress to that of another couple.

Rather, you should consult your pregnancy doctor in Provo to know what’s going on inside your body that’s making pregnancy difficult or delicate. Here are some topics to discuss:

Is it Genetic?

You eat healthy food and you go to bed early. You do not smoke and you rarely drink. On paper, you shouldn’t have any problems getting pregnant. You may be wondering why pregnancy seems like the hardest thing for you when it should be the most natural thing for a woman in her prime.

However, there are several genetic factors that may be at play here. For instance, your narrow hips may indicate that you will have a difficult pregnancy, and a quick look at your mother’s own hips may reveal the same problem. But there lies hope, as well. After all, your mother couldn’t have passed on her hip size to you if she did not conceive you. From these genetic clues, your doctor will know how to handle your pregnancy better.

Is it Health Related?

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It’s hard to guarantee pregnancy no matter how closely you follow tips from your doctor. There are physical factors at play, such as the more predictable menstrual cycle.

There are also other health-related issues that may only be uncovered later on. For instance, your female reproductive system may not be producing high-quality eggs, or it could be the male reproductive system not producing enough healthy sperm to make fertilization possible. You may not have a clue aside from your irregular period, but once the doctor has found out the problem, you can proceed to make changes in your body.

Even if the issue is infertility, science now offers alternative ways to get pregnant, whether through surrogacy or in-vitro fertilization. Don’t hesitate to ask your doctor about these if natural pregnancy is proving to be quite the challenge.

Is it Dangerous?

Giving birth is such a beautiful process, but it’s also one that can be dangerous. A mother’s life is at risk even on normal delivery, and in certain instances, the risk could be higher.

Mothers who have an ectopic pregnancy will be told early on that the baby is not where it should be — in the uterus — and that presents a dangerous situation.

If this is the case, you and your doctor need to work out ways to protect you through this precarious situation, especially if correcting the problem is impossible. You also need to be under close observation to monitor the growth of the baby and to check that the pregnancy is developing normally.

It’s heartbreaking if a woman who wants to be a mother cannot get pregnant. Don’t lose hope after the first failed attempt. Know what’s preventing you from carrying a pregnancy successfully and find solutions for it.

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