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What Is the Best Place to Retire?

Miami, Florida has established itself as one of the best places to retire. Seniors have been flocking to the Sunshine State in droves, and there are clear and substantial reasons for their choice.

1. No Lack of Hospitals or Clinics

A large number of seniors in Miami has prompted hospitals and clinics to focus on the needs of elderly patients. Most hospitals have staff who are trained or even specialize in the care of senior patients. Miami clinical research focuses on ailments and conditions particular to seniors. Miami hospitals are also some of the best in the country, making sure that you get proper treatment. Florida has a massive number of medical facilities, with more than 300 hospitals and 600 clinics. You can rest assured that there will always be an available hospital or clinic nearby to meet your needs.

2. Zero Income Tax

Unlike in other states, your 401k won’t be taxed in Miami. You get to keep your money intact and away from the hands of greedy politicians. Florida also has one of the lowest tax rates when it comes to healthcare, transportation, and other state taxes. Florida does have a sales tax. However, it is hardly noticeable due to the low cost of living in the state.

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3. Affordable Housing

Housing in Miami is very affordable; a 3-bedroom house only costs around $200,000, and a 2-bedroom apartment can go for approximately $150,000. Seniors buying homes in Miami get a property tax exemption, as long as their purchase costs less than $250,000. Miami has been an ideal option for seniors fleeing states with enormous housing costs like New York and Los Angeles. Florida has also been actively courting “tax-migrants” and offering affordable housing as an added incentive.

4. A joint-friendly Climate

Cold can be tough on old bones, but the Sunshine State has none of those. It’s summer all-year-round in Miami, not too hot and never cold. If you have arthritis, you know the terrible pain a little cold can bring. However, those cold pangs will be easily forgotten once you’re in Miami. The warm weather also makes it less likely to contract respiratory illnesses like colds and flu, but go for that flu shot to be sure.

5. Be the Majority

In Miami, seniors are the majority. You won’t have to go far to meet someone you can relate with, and the vast number of seniors ensures that your voices will be heard. Politicians will pander to the largest voting bloc, eager to make them happy. The state already has several programs directed towards seniors — mostly for fitness and entertainment. Miami establishments are focused on providing the best services for seniors, and the nightlife is more than you can ask for.

Miami is a fun and vibrant place that caters to the needs of seniors. You have more spending power because of the low cost of living and more money because of the low — or even nonexistent — taxes. The senior-centric hospitals and clinics even ensure that you get the best healthcare. Live longer and better in Miami.

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