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The Beauty Routine Every Bride-to-be Must Know by Heart

Every bride wants to look her best on her wedding day. While professional hair and makeup artists can very well hide the fact that you haven’t slept well for days or have been neglecting your skin for weeks, it’s always best to stick to a beauty routine in the months leading to the big day. This way, you’ll be the most beautiful version of yourself when you walk down the aisle. Here is our suggested beauty bridal routine:

Step 1. Take Care of Your Body Naturally

You’ll have a few months to prepare for the wedding, a day to live it, and forever to look back at the photos and regret not prepping up your body for this once-in-a-lifetime event. Eat healthier by trying to stay away from sugar and processed foods.

It also pays to get active by exercising, working out, doing yoga, getting into sports—whatever pumps you up and gets you moving. If you can, squeeze in a little gym time to your schedule and lift some weights. This will help define and tone your body for that great fit.

Step 2. Get Help From the Pros

Friends and relatives will want to see your engagement ring the moment you break the news to them. Having your nails done frequently will make sure your hands look presentable both in person and in pictures. With all the photo opportunities that will take place, having your teeth whitened is something you must also consider. Make sure to get your facial fix every once in a while for plumper, younger-looking skin.

Step 3. Book Beauty Appointments

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Weeks leading to your wedding day, be sure to book the necessary appointments with your “glam team.” Decide if you will get a tan or not. Call the tanning salon early on if you’re up for the task. Hit up your favorite hair and makeup company in Gold Coast to schedule your makeup trial run with your bridesmaids. Book the much-needed waxing session and all the other complementary beauty treatments.

Step 4. Do a Makeup Trial Run

For big occasions such as a wedding, surprises are rarely welcome, especially if the surprise involves not liking the result of your makeup artist’s work. Doing a makeup trust run ensures everything is fine-tuned for you on the day of your wedding. Apart from calling the best mobile hair and makeup company, consider hiring a photographer for the trial run alone. This is to document this part of the preparation and helps ensure you look beautiful in front of the camera, from different angles, and in various lightings.

Step 5. Get Your Much-deserved Beauty Rest

In the end, days before the big day, head to the spa for a massage and get enough sleep to bring out your natural beauty. Take your mind off the wedding preparations—everything must be fully ironed out weeks before the wedding—and focus on getting your much-needed beauty rest. With enough rest, your fiance’s jaw will drop upon seeing you in that white dress.

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