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Signs of Electrical Problems in Your Home

Electricity is an amazing thing that we often take for granted, but it can also be the cause of harm. Don’t let your house’s electrical wiring destroy your home or injure your family. Here are the common signs of electrical issues that you should never ignore in your house:

1. Strange odors

Experienced and licensed electricians in places like Ogden always recommend households to report any strange odors in their house, particularly the smell of burning rubber or rotten eggs. If the strange smell is coming from an outlet, unplug cords and then call an electrician ASAP.

2. Faulty lights

When your lights start to flicker, dim, or make buzzing sounds, your house’s electrical wiring might be damaged. That or your electrical system can no longer handle the energy demand of your lights, appliances, and devices at the same time. In any case, call a professional to diagnose the issue and recommend possible solutions.

3. Sparking outlets

If sparks emit from the electrical outlet when you plug something in, that’s not normal. But usually, the issue can be fixed by repairing your electrical wiring or replacing the outlet altogether.

4. Warm fixtures

Check your fixtures if they are hot to the touch. If they are, it’s a sign of insufficient insulation or exceeding bulb wattages, which can lead to electrical fires unless you switch to bulbs that have less tendency to overheat, such as LED or CFL bulbs. If you don’t use LED or CFL bulbs, make it a point to check your fixtures from time to time so you can prevent overheating.

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5. Presence of rodents

If you see signs of rodents in your house, such as droppings, foul odors, and chewed wiring, call an exterminator right away. Rodents tend to chew on electrical wiring, and as you probably already know, damaged wiring is a significant fire hazard in the home.

After the pests are gone, contact an electrician to inspect the house for damaged wiring.

6. Repeated circuit breaker tripping

A circuit breaker trips when the electrical circuit is already overloaded, preventing overheating and electrical fires. If your circuit breaker trips every once in a while, that’s fine. But if your circuit breaker trips repeatedly, it’s a sign that you need to have your electrical system inspected. Chances are, you need to upgrade your circuit or transfer some appliances to other circuits.

7. Discoloration or scorching

Do you see discoloration, black streaks, or scorch marks around your electrical outlets? These are signs of wire damage. When left ignored, it can lead to an electrical fire.

8. Warm or vibrating outlets

Touch your electrical outlets (without making contact with the sockets) and check for warmth or vibrations. If you feel any of these two sensations, your electrical system may have loose or damaged wiring, which both warrant a visit from the electrician.

Electrical problems can lead to bigger and more dangerous issues when left ignored. To keep your house and its occupants safe from electrical accidents, be on the lookout for these warning signs of hidden electrical issues in your home. If you see any sign, call an electrician right away.

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