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Rejuvenate With Hyaluronic Fillers

Have you ever wanted healthier looking, fuller lips or to minimise the appearance of ageing? Dermal fillers Kent could be the perfect solution for you!

The fundamental techniques

With widespread adoption of filling agents, a set of fundamental techniques used by many practitioners has developed. Within the setting of a dental clinic, there are additional nuances that come about from the extensive physiological training in facial muscles and facial structures inherent to dentistry. Here, the basics of this are explored.

Micro-papular technique

These injections are performed about 2 to 4 mm apart, with the needle pushed 1 or 2 mm into the tissue. A very small quantity of individual droplets are injected each time. It is best used with hyaluronic acid that is meant to interact with the dermis like moisturising for smoothing properties.

’Sandwich method’

The sandwich method is a deep tissue method of applying the filler directly under an area which is meant to be treated, and depositing the filling agent to the desired quantity in a single location. It is sometimes referred to as ‘plumping’ and it is commonly used during filling procedures.

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Linear threading

This technique produces lines of hyaluronic acid in the tissue. The full length of the needle is inserted into a difficult area, usually immediately below a prominent wrinkle filler. It is then slowly applied as the needle is gradually drawn from the tissue, leaving a long straight bead of filler in the location where the needle was.

Lattice work or cross hatching

Lattice work is the application of the threading technique over a wide area before any filler injections are performed. The lattice is usually marked out, this allows a large area of tissue to be quickly and uniformly filled. It can be used to lessen the appearance of dimples or give a less hollow appearance to cheeks.


The fanning technique shares many of the properties of threading, but part way through the application of the filler, the needle is reoriented, giving a strong final angle to the placement of the hyaluronic acid. This is best used when the filler placement is following a line dictated by bone structure, having the ridge of the cheek bone or a jawline. Performing many of them at the same time results in several converging lines of filler like the spins of a fan, which is where the technique gets its name. It is a deep tissue technique which can be useful for malar issues.

Tenting lips

Tenting lips is all about controlling the appearance of lips without directly applying filler to them.

The injections are performed vertically and from the outside perimeter of the lips. This gives the greatest control over the final border, often used to correct ‘gummy’ or undefined lips rather than increase their volume, although they can be used that way if desired.

There is also the opportunity to alter any asymmetry in the lips. This is a more advanced technique where you will find out your average beautician from your advanced one, who would simply increase the volume of lips using sandwiching like technique rather than sculpting or tenting around the lips.

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