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Private Dining: A New Tradition With Friends

Hosting a private dinner at home is not a new concept. However, more and more people find themselves hosting and participating in this type of social gathering. Those who partake usually involve a group with similar hobbies and interest or friends who need the means to catch up regularly.

There is no single template on how it works. The assigned host can be the same, and the responsibility can also be rotational. The meals served can be from the best catering companies and private chefs; it can also be through potluck or from the host’s kitchen. The dinner can be a monthly celebration, but it can also be weekly. It varies for every group. At the end of the day, when everyone is back to their homes, they can all agree that the best private dinner party is composed of good food, drinks, and conversation.

If you and your friends are planning a fun-filled gathering that feels like a part of adulting, here’s a list of ideas you can use as a host when you jumpstart your monthly group habit:

  1. Look for great food and beverage pairings.

Matching food and drinks are not only meant for restaurants. There are available guidelines on the internet on how to master it, and there are also ready-made menus if you are still a bit unsure. You can start with acidic drinks paired with a salad, pasta, and seafood. Acid refreshes the palette; the same way sorbet is served in between dishes when you’re eating a full-course meal. A citrusy cocktail like a mojito or Italian white wine can go well with cream-based pasta. You can also concoct your lemonade recipe in case you’re not in the mood for booze.

  1. Upgrade your favourite comfort food.

Who doesn’t have a comfort food? Who doesn’t like comfort food? Comfort food is always a winner when it comes to food choices, but you can upgrade it to elevate your private dining experience. It doesn’t have to be complicated. Instead of buying a store-bought macaroni and cheese, you can create your own using artisanal cheese and truffle oil. Speaking of truffle oil, you also have the option to fry your chips and add a dash of truffle oil. It can instantly turn your favourite childhood dishes into an adult one.

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  1. Serve a vegetarian menu using local produce.

The rise of vegetarian restaurants helps make people realise that vegetarian meals are not exactly tasteless meals. They can be delicious. Your group can decide to have a vegetarian-themed menu in one of your gatherings. Using local produce can put the conversation on the table— the where-to guide of your friends, the stall with the freshest mushroom, for instance.

  1. Have dinner in a communal table.

If there’s one rule that you should follow, it’s this: do not hold the event using multiple tables. The purpose of this gathering is to share a conversation. Having small groups in separate tables can ruin its purpose. A private dinner with friends does not have to contain more than 10 people unless you want to. It’s an intimate activity which works best with eight or fewer people around— a number in which a normal dining table can accommodate.

Now that people converse more on social media bringing this trend back is important. Plus, it’s always a good idea to have dinner with the people you love.

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