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Practical Ways to Maintain Your Bathroom Tiles

You should maintain your bathroom tiles and grout to keep them in immaculate condition. Maintenance also prolongs their life. While most types of bathroom tiles and grout are made to last, you should know that this is only possible with proper maintenance. Most of the time, yellowing and mildewing of the grout happen even with regular cleaning. This makes it important to learn how to maintain your bathroom.

Reduce Moisture Levels

Bathrooms are usually hot and steamy. This creates the perfect environment for mould and mildew to grow. While you can always scrub them off, eradicating the fungal growth can be a challenge owing to the uneven surface of grout and its porous nature. If you reduce the moisture level in your bathroom, you curb the growth of mould and mildew. It is advisable to wipe down your bathroom surfaces each time you shower. Investing in a dehumidifier or an exhaust fan would be a wise decision. Consider opening your windows after showering.

Invest in Bathroom Wall Panels

If you are too busy to maintain a ceramic tile bathroom, consider investing in shower panels. Shower panels are not only easy to maintain, but they are also affordable. They are easy to install, as well. Before contacting any dealers of bathroom wall panels in New Zealand, you should decide on the material and type. It pays to seek the help of a knowledgeable individual before placing an order.

Clean Manually

Cleaning your tiles and grout eradicates dirt that might promote fungal and bacterial growth. Proper cleaning also guarantees an outstanding showering experience. If you love spending time inside your tub, you will only enjoy to the fullest if your bathroom is clean enough. While there are many cleaning methods that you can employ, manual scrubbing ensures that cleaning products get into all tiny pores. This helps kill the root of mould and mildew. It also helps eradicate soap residue.

Use the Right Cleaning Products

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The market is flooded with products that promise to give outstanding results, especially regarding eradicating mould and mildew. Chlorine bleach, for instance, is among the most effective products for removing mould and soap scum. However, it can interfere with the water repellency capabilities of grout and stain coloured grout lines. Chlorine can also be harmful to your health if you inhale the fumes. Chlorine bleach is harmful to the environment, too. If possible, use green cleaning products.

Repair Your Tiles

Bathroom tiles, especially ceramic ones are likely to get damaged with time. The commonest type of damage includes cracking, dents, and the wearing of grout joints. When these happen, water leaks into the floor space and walls. Cleaning the bathroom also becomes tricky. Cracks also make eradicating mould and mildew extremely difficult. In case your tiles are damaged, you should replace them as soon as possible.

You would be spending plenty of time keeping up your bathroom. For effective cleaning and maintenance, you should employ the right approaches. Since cleaning and maintaining it go beyond keeping it tidy, you should research how to keep your bathroom in immaculate condition.

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