Pointers for Planning a Winter Wedding

Picture this: snow falling to the ground, your bride dashing her way to you through the snow, and saying your “I dos” with a chilly and romantic vibe around you. Having a white wedding is just simply romantic, and couples love the idea of it.

Getting married while the snow is falling is not at all easy. And today, we will discuss some of the things that you should not do when planning your barn wedding in Minnesota. Make sure to bear these things in mind when planning your white wedding so that you will not run into any problem.

Your Theme Doesn’t Have to Be Based on Winter

You will be getting married during winter, and the first theme that will come to your mind is a winter wonderland. There’s nothing wrong with a winter-themed wedding, but you should remember that your theme choices are not just limited to it.

You can choose to be creative and think of other themes that you have in mind. This is your wedding, and you have the freedom to choose which theme to go for. If you have no idea as to what theme you want, then try searching the Internet for inspiration.

Don’t Overlook Your Wedding Dress or Gown

Most stylists will advise you to wear a gown that will not be too long, as dragging this along in the snow can be quite difficult. However, if your bridesmaids are willing to help you carry the train, then go ahead and extend it as long as you want!

It’s totally up to you to decide which type of gown or dress you want for your wedding day. Remember that you do not always have to conform to the standards and you can wear whatever your heart desires!

Don’t Confine Yourself to an Indoor Photo Session

You want to make sure that you will schedule your wedding on a day without much snowfall. It will be almost impossible to take photos if there is a hailstorm or heavy snowfall, so check the weather updates in advance so that you can plan your photo session accordingly.

The photographer will also have a hard time taking your photos if the weather gets too intense, which is why it is important to check weather forecasts at least a few weeks before your wedding.

WeddingNever Overlook the Reception Area

Your guests will most likely be cold from the weather, which is why it is a must to choose the right wedding reception location. Make sure that there are heaters in the area so you and your guests would be comfortable all throughout the special night.

Set up some candles and ask the manager or the owner if they can install temporary fire pits for your wedding. Make the whole area warm, cozy, and inviting so that your family and friends will be able to stay during the program.

A winter wedding might not be the norm, but it is worth giving a try. If you and your fiance met during this time, then it will be romantic and delightful to get married during the same season. Just be prepared and work with your event planner so that nothing will go wrong.

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