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Love Traveling? Here Are Oral Health Pointers to Follow

Your oral health might not be something you pay a lot of attention to as an avid traveler. The most you might have done for years is to buy a new toothbrush and toothpaste for your travels and brush three times a day. Those keener with their oral hygiene might floss every after a meal, but that’s it. Since you haven’t encountered any emergencies or inconveniences thus far, it’s easy to believe that you’re doing enough.

Don’t take your good health for granted, though, because you won’t want to make an unplanned visit to the dentist in a foreign country. Apart from it is troublesome and expensive, it can also prevent you from enjoying your vacation. This is why it’s crucial that you follow these oral health tips, as they increase your chances of avoiding emergencies and getting the most of your travels.

Before You Go, Visit the Dentist

This is a particularly life-saving move when you are planning to travel for weeks at a time. A visit to your dentist in Florida will give you an idea of your oral health and whether you need any treatment done. You might be prescribed a visit to a specialist in orthodontics for any misalignment that needs immediate attention. Whether serious or not, it’s always worth investing in treatments so that you can prevent it from worsening while you’re on the road.

A dentist can also prescribe medicine and advise you on what foods to avoid while they’re addressing a problem with your teeth or gums. Moreover, you’ll be more confident knowing that you’re not in danger of any dental emergencies while you go through every restaurant in your itinerary.

Store Your Toothbrush Properly

It’s worth noting how you store your toothbrush when you travel. Do you place it in a holder? Do you chuck it in a bag along with your other toiletries without any cover? Remember that every bag and holder can accumulate bacteria, which can then breed into the bristles of your toothbrush. Before long, an instrument for cleanliness and hygiene can become an instrument for disease.

If you want to avoid this, make sure you cultivate the correct habits and purchase the right products. Since you have to let your toothbrush dry completely before putting it in a holder, you have to buy one that has holes. This ensures that the bristles will be aired sufficiently even when you’re in a hurry.

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Rinse Your Toothbrush and Holder

To be extra safe before each use, it’s best to clean your toothbrush and holder first. There are two ways you can do this. If you’re short on time and mouth wash, opt to rinse both in hot water. This should be enough to get rid of any toothpaste residue and bacteria accumulated on the bristles. If you have enough mouthwash, pour some in a cup and dunk your toothpaste and holder in it. Swirl them for thirty seconds each, after which you should wash them in cold water before use.

Brush Even Without Toothpaste

There are times when you might forget your toothpaste because you’re in a hurry, and there aren’t any grocery stores or convenience stores where you can purchase one ASAP. It’s not an excuse to miss out on brushing your teeth. If all you have is your toothbrush and a bottle of mineral water, brush anyway. This may not get you the cleanliness and fresh breath you want, but it’s better than not doing anything at all.

Use Sugar-free Gums

Want to brush your teeth but can’t? Don’t underestimate the inconveniences you’ll encounter on your travels. When you find that you want to brush your teeth, but there’s no opportunity to, maybe because you lost your pack or you can’t make stops on a specific route, use sugar-free gum. Opt for ones with xylitol because it can give you fresh breath and other oral health benefits. It’s not a replacement for brushing and flossing, but there are times when it’s good enough, given your circumstances.

After all, you won’t want to turn off your traveling companions with your breath, as that might dampen the fun of vacationing together.

Make a Habit Out of It

It takes a lot of practice and maybe even a reminder on your smartphone, but it’s worth the effort. Soon, you’ll find that maintaining good oral health while you travel won’t be hard work at all because it has become second nature to you. Take the necessary steps to maintain your oral hygiene during a trip.

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