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Make Your Sprinter Van Your Home and Live Off The Grid

The Van Life movement is an interesting lifestyle that has become popular among young people. Living a nomadic lifestyle is very attractive to millennials and Gen Xers.

There are many advantages to adopting this lifestyle, but before you buy that Mercedes Sprinter van in Idaho and start converting it, you’ll need to think about whether it really is for you. Here’s a brief look at the lifestyle to give you an idea of what to expect:

On the Road

One of the main things you can expect from the van life is that you will be mainly living a nomadic lifestyle. Your home will be moving around and you might not even know where you will be staying at the end of the day. If you are not the type of person who likes going to new places and meeting new people, then the van life is not for you. However, if you want to see the world, then living in a van may be the life you can enjoy.

Living in a Van

Obviously, life in a van has its limitations. This is an actual van and this means you won’t even have the comfortable amenities that an RV would be able to provide. Showers are not going to happen inside your home and you won’t have a lot of space. This limits you a bit.

For one, you will need to be careful about your purchases. You’re not buying any large pieces of furniture. You might also not be able to have pets. Large pets are out and you most likely won’t have more than one.

Get Used to Parking Lots

Aerial view of a parking lotOne of your best friends when living in a van will be parking lots. Your van will be parked in these places a lot. This is mostly because they are some of the safest places to park. Plus, a parking lot usually means there are facilities close by that you will be using, such as groceries and more.

Experience the Great Outdoors

When you’re not in a parking lot, the other place you will be spending time at is the great outdoors. The advantage is that you won’t be spending anything on parking fees. In addition, the outdoors will allow you to set up tables and chairs outside. The only drawback is that there’s a lot of dirt and dust involved in living outdoors. You may need to clean your van regularly.

Creative Employment

Funding your lifestyle is going to be important. This means work. Fortunately, living out of a van is pretty low-impact. You do need work and you need to be a bit creative about your work. The Internet makes it a lot easier, though. Remote work is possible because of it. Still, you may need to think of other avenues for income.

If what you’ve read strikes a chord with you, then it may be the life you’re looking for. Visit a dealer and look into the various vans available. Though the Volkswagen Bus is the quintessential symbol of van life, sprinter vans are just as popular because of the amount of space they have. Regardless of your choice, living in a van is a great way to see and enjoy the world.

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