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Effective Ways to Make Your Home More Secure

It’s always a fascinating idea to renovate your house, but it’s more important to look out for the important security features to make your home safer as theft gets reported every few minutes. It is never difficult for a burglar to enter your house if you do not invest in a smart security system and be well aware of the measures to take on your own.

It is not necessary to only install the most expensive security system to feel safe. There are many inexpensive and easy methods that you can use to make your home a secure entity. Below are some budget-friendly security measures for you to consider.

  1. Update your Door/Window locks

If you have any of your locks damaged or rusted, get them changed immediately. These are the mast easy inlets to your home.

Also, if you’ve lost your keys to the entrance door or you think there might be some keys lying around with strangers, this can be another reason to get your locks changed as soon as possible, as burglars usually look for an easy way to break in.

  1. Install reliable security fencing

You have to always consider making the surroundings of your home more secure. Your house exteriors should never look inviting to a burglar.

Spending on low-cost aluminum fencing can be a great investment. This will be cheaper than iron or steel and is low maintenance. This type of fencing is also corrosion resistant and will not get damaged in sun or any weather changes. Make sure to all top your fences with spikes or glass or maybe barbed wire so that no one can cross those fences.

You also have to look for any overgrown plants around your house that may be an advantage for the burglar. Keep cutting down the height of those plants, as this will help them in not getting noticed by your neighbors.

  1. Always better to use sensor lights

Any criminal is scared of getting in the spotlight. Keep your outdoors well lit to make it difficult for any burglar to go unnoticed.

Install motion-sensor lights all over your house so that you get notified of any unusual movements around your house. This will make it difficult for any burglar to move around your house undetected.

  1. Install security cameras

CCTV cameras are not only helpful in keeping the burglars away from your home but can also help you in getting justice if any unfortunate event takes place. Install security cameras at your entrance in places you store your valuables.


You should always go for a security camera with a mobile app so that you can keep an eye on the activities in your home, anywhere and anytime.

Some other features that you can keep in mind when looking for CCTV  cameras can be motion detection or night vision or maybe waterproof casing for cameras installed outdoors.

  1. Set up warning signs

There’s never a guarantee for these tricks to work, but this can be a no-cost setup that might or might not work keeping a burglar away from your home.

However, putting up fake signs will make your house look like it is set up with security systems that can get any criminal to rethink their plans.

Place more security signs all over your house, that tell intruders that you have video surveillance all over your house and maybe that you have a dog they should be careful about.

  1. Make sure your doors and windows aren’t vulnerable

Even if the locks on your doors and windows are rock solid, there’s a risk involved in the doors/windows are itself flimsy. Make sure they are not easily breakable. Especially, the ones present on the first floor. It is also better to install window stops that will not allow it to open enough for a person to enter through it.

  1. Get to know your neighbors

You should make friends with your neighbors and be well aware of whose living around you. They can also look out for you when you’re not at home.

You can even hand over a spare key to a trusted neighbor instead of hiding it in places that can be accessible to anyone.

You can built-in all the high-tech security systems, but if you’re not careful about your surroundings, it will be easier for any intruder to break into your house. Always trick people into believing that someone is present at home. Keep a constant check on your doors and locks, and also an eye on the activity happening around your house over the CCTV cameras.

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