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Parents want what’s best for their children. We want them to grow and develop into good citizens, but we also want them to have as much fun as they can. There are a lot of things we can’t influence, however, and this is a source of worry for most parents. As parents, we still hold the most influence over our children, and this is something that we should utilize properly.

While your children might not be too keen on studying and learning in the traditional setting, studies have shown that children learn even while outside the classroom. Just as there are many types of learners, there are also many types of learning opportunities. Even simple family experiences can be filled with knowledge and education. Simple tasks like going to the grocery, or letting them help you around the house can be very educational while still being a bonding moment for you and your children. As a matter of fact, this is among the best moments to impart some lessons to your kids: moments filled with love and fun.

Take advantage of these opportunities to not just grow closer to your children, but also teach them something valuable. Here are some opportunities for you and your kids to bond over.

Go Hiking

The best way to learn about nature is to be in nature. While many families go on hikes and camping, make it extra special by going all the way with the hiking experience. Bring your kid to a hiking shop and explain to them what each equipment is for and why they’re important. It’s also a great opportunity to teach your children about the importance of preserving nature and the environment.

During the actual hike, you and your kids will be able to observe nature first-hand. Let this moment be the start of your kid’s appreciation for nature. Appreciate nature from the small bugs to the large trees, enjoy the scenery, and connect with your kids. Another thing you can do is teach them how to use camping equipment and make fire.

After this, your child would hopefully have a better understanding and appreciation for nature, realizing why we need to protect it.

Do Gardening

Horticulture is something not commonly associated with ‘fun’, but children are naturally curious and love playing in the dirt. Teaching them how to garden can impart valuable lessons such as caring for something and understanding the cycle of life. They’ll also learn patience and careful observation, something that will help them later in life.

With the inherent physical process of gardening, children will often find it fun as it resembles many of their playtime activities. The fun process of gardening can help them learn how plants grow and develop, something normally taught in school (and kids find it boring). Harvesting what you planted after a few weeks or so is also a great and satisfying experience for both you and your child. They’ll learn self-sufficiency, and they’ll be more likely to try fruits and vegetables if they’re involved in the process of planting and growing it.

Learn to Cook

When we were younger, we were often curious about how our parents cooked our delicious meals. Perhaps we were warned about how dangerous cooking can be or was taught later in our childhood how to cook. Our children will inevitably feel this, and this a great moment to bond together while teaching them an important life skill.

We all know that cooking is a necessity; not learning how to cook can be crippling in our adult lives and teaching your child a fundamental skill early on will help them learn and adapt better. It also helps them appreciate food as they’ll have more understand just how much time and effort goes into a meal. Helping them go through a recipe book is also helps develop their reading comprehension as it has step-by-step instructions and offers a tangible result at the end.


chess board game

Play Boardgames Together

Before video games became popular, board games were among the primary children’s pastimes. Today, despite the prevailing dominance of video games, board games still enjoy a large following thanks to the fun and benefits that it brings.

Playing board games with your children is a great way to bond over something fun and entertaining while developing their social skills. It teaches them to express their ideas, helps bolster their mental toughness and determination, and even improve their concentration and critical thinking skills. While it may seem like simple playtime, playing board games with them bring a lot of benefits. Not only are your kids learning something, but you’re also making fun and valuable memories with them.

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