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Maintenance Practices for Custom Hot Tubs

Are you looking for a feature in your home to add to the aesthetic value? If yes, customized hot tubs have become a common preference among most homeowners in Utah. The hot tub serves as the ideal solution when you want to warm up, unwind after having a busy day, or simply relax. The tub heats the water, meaning that you will still use the tub during the cold months of the year. Since you will be using your spa all year, it makes sense to keep it in the right condition. Fortunately, it does not take much effort and expertise to maintain a tub on your own. Have a look at some of the ways to keep the hot tub in the best condition:

Operate the Heater Monthly

During the warm months of the year, homeowners enjoy natural pool heating from the sun. While that sounds a good idea due to the massive energy savings, you might be harming your heater. Failing to run the heater for a long time can compromise its functioning. Therefore, ensure that you run the heater regularly for a short period even though you will not be heating the tub. That way, you will not encounter any surprise when you want to run the heater during the cold months.

Ensure Proper pH Balance in the Water

You want to ensure that the tub water is at the right pH levels. That way, you will be protecting the skin and health of users. Also, you cannot say that the water in the tub is healthy if the pH levels are not within the recommended levels. For attached tubs, the circulation of water in the pool balances the pH of the tub water. When using the spa and not the pool, you will need to inspect the pH levels of the water regularly. If the pH levels are too high or too low, you will need to regulate them to the right levels.

Eliminate Debris in the Water

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Removing any debris such as dirt and leaves is critical to protecting your spa just as it is to maintain your pool. When the waste accumulates in the pool, it can cause stains on the spa’s interior. Debris is also responsible for discoloring water in the tub. Also, they risk damaging the filter and the spa pump. The sure way to get rid of the debris is to skim through the surface of the water and remove any debris.

Keep the Surfaces Clean

It does not take much effort to keep the tub looking clean and shiny. Scrubbing the tiles and interior using water and cleaning detergent quickly removes the available stains. When you clean the surfaces regularly, there will always be less dirt the next time you will be cleaning. Not only will you keep the spa clean, but it also will ensure that the water stays clean all the time.

After receiving the installation services of custom hot tubs, you will need to take care of your tub. Proper care will see that you get the most out of your tub. You will ensure that the tub remains in the right working condition and that it continues to be a significant element in your home.

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