5 Tips to Maintain Your Home as a Freelancer

  • Create an organized workspace to maximize productivity.
  • Utilize smart devices to save time and energy, such as robotic vacuums, smart thermostats, locks, and water systems.
  • Declutter kitchen supplies and organize them into containers or baskets.
  • Schedule regular laundry times for a more efficient routine.
  • Take a day each month/another week to complete cleaning tasks.

As a freelancer, it can be difficult to maintain your home. The lines between work and life become blurred with no set schedule and no office to return to after work. To stay productive as a freelancer, keeping your home organized and comfortable is important by following these five tips on maintaining your home as a freelancer.

1. Organize Your Working Space

The first step in making your home a successful workspace is to organize it. Depending on your work type, this can mean setting up a desk or drafting table with an ergonomic chair. Ensure that your space is free from distractions and that you have everything within reach so you don’t waste time looking for the necessary supplies.

2. Utilize Smart Devices

Smart home devices can help you save time and energy while allowing you to focus on your work. It will make it easier to control certain devices in your home, like lights and fans. You can even set up schedules for when the lights automatically turn on or off, heating systems are activated, or air conditioning is engaged.

Here are other smart devices you can use:

Robotic Vacuums

Robotic vacuums are a great way to keep your home clean without spending much time on it. These robotic devices can be programmed to run at certain times of the day or week, and they’re designed to pick up dirt, dust and debris from your floors. You can also adjust their levels of suction power and even direct them to avoid furniture and other obstacles in your home.

Smart Thermostats

smart thermostat for home

Smart thermostats provide you with more control over the temperature in your home. You can set them to maintain a certain temperature at different times of the day and also adjust it based on when you’re working or sleeping. This will help you save energy and money since you won’t be running the heating and cooling system unnecessarily.

Smart Locks

Smart locks are a great way to keep your home secure and safe. You can program them remotely from anywhere, meaning you won’t have to worry about lost keys or locking yourself out. You can also set up schedules for when the door unlocks or locks itself and receive notifications when certain people access the lock.

Auto-Watering Systems

Remembering to water plants is a chore, especially when busy with work. Automatic watering systems are the perfect solution to this problem. They can be programmed to water certain plants at different times of the day and help ensure that your home stays green and vibrant. With the right setup, you won’t have to worry about forgetting to water your plants.

3. Declutter Your Kitchen

kitchen with furniture and appliances

Decluttering your kitchen can make all the difference for a freelancer. Start by organizing the items in cupboards, drawers and shelves. Use bins or baskets to store like items together and avoid cluttered piles of dishes, cookware and other kitchen necessities. Keep things where they are most often used so you don’t have to search for them when needed. Consider investing in an organizational system that makes the most of your kitchen’s existing space and puts items where they are easy to find.

4. Schedule Laundry Time

A regular laundry schedule can help keep your home running smoothly. Setting a specific day for doing the laundry each week is best. If you’re pressed for time, consider using a professional laundry service to handle your clothes. They will pick up and deliver fresh clothes so you don’t have to worry about it. They will also have the proper equipment to handle delicate items and help reduce wear and tear on your clothing.

5. Take a Day to Cleaning to Maintain Your Home

One of the biggest advantages of freelancing is that you can plan your days. This can be especially helpful when cleaning and maintaining your home. Set aside one day a month or every other week, depending on how often you need to do it and dedicate that day to cleaning and organizing.

Start by listing all the areas in your home that need cleaning. Once you have identified all the areas that need attention, start working through each item individually until they are crossed off your list.

In Closing

By following these five tips, you’ll be able to make your home a successful workspace and an enjoyable place to live. Organizing and decluttering your space will help you stay productive throughout the day while freeing up more time. With just a few simple adjustments, your freelance life at home will run like a well-oiled machine.

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