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Kiddie Bash: 5 Things to Include in Your Kid’s Birthday Party

In one way, Math and planning for a kid’s birthday party are similar: there is a formula involved.

If you’re party planning in Dubai (or anywhere for that matter), you first come up with a theme that your kid likes. Then, you book a venue months in advance. Fortunately, you have a lot of options when it comes to party venues. Then, you hire a Dubai-based party food caterer specialising in kids parties to make sure the children enjoy the food. There’s more: you send out invites, you hire photographers, you go for cake-tasting. The list seems endless.

The venue, photographers, and food are staples for any parties. But, for your kiddo’s birthday bash, here are a few other elements you should consider including to make the party really a blast.

1. Magic and Clowns

Of course, you want your kid’s party to be magical. There’s one way to do this: hire a magician. Magic tricks are sure to entertain not only your kids’ friends but yours as well. Magic also provides an engaging and interactive experience for everyone. Just make sure the magician will perform age-appropriate tricks. There should be no fire or sharps involved.

Another option is hiring a clown. There’s nothing better for a parent than hearing their kid chuckle and laugh, right? Clowns can make the party not just entertaining and fun, but they also bring genuine happiness to guests.

2. Painting Activities

You can hire a face-painter for the young guests or provide them with painting materials. Either way, these activities will keep the kids preoccupied and encourage the young guests to show off their painting skills and creativity. But, you have to provide painting materials that are kid-friendly and non-toxic, such as washable tempera paints and finger paints.

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3. Sweet Treats

What else gives kids real happiness more than sweet, sweet candies?

Usually, you shouldn’t give kids too many candies because of their high sugar levels. But, during the party, you can be less strict with the treats. Set up a treat buffet that includes cookies, wafers, and a chocolate fountain. Provide just enough for everyone and nothing in excess. You don’t want these kids ending up with a toothache or running around the venue with too much energy.

4. Babysitters

If you invited many kids at the party, it might be a good idea to hire babysitters who you can pay on an hourly basis. Babysitters can make sure the kids are in line and that they get enough food and drinks. The sitters can also help the children in the bathroom. This way, you and the other kids’ parents can enjoy the party without worrying if the little ones are safe and having a good time.

5. Goodie bags

Apart from pictures and souvenirs, you should make sure your young guests go home with goodie bags. Fill these bags with toys, stickers, or a few candies, as a sign of gratitude for being a part of your child’s milestone.

Parties are big businesses today, and for a reason: they celebrate big occasions in life. As a parent, you want your kid’s party to be a blast, but this shouldn’t break the bank. The elements above can make the party A+ for your kid. But, while it can be tempting to go overboard with the details of the party, you should also remember that it’s not about how much was spent, but how much fun your kid had.

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