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4 Ways to Cool Your Backyard for the Upcoming Summer Season

Summers in Australia are becoming hotter year by year, but do not let the heatwaves lock you inside your air-conditioned home for several weeks. You can enjoy the blue skies and the bright sun outdoors. The challenge is to develop a landscape that does not get too hot during summer.

Strategic Shade

A cover will protect the yard from the intense rays of the sun.

The easiest and most affordable solution would be to use an umbrella. A freestanding umbrella is flexible. It can be moved from one side to the other depending on need. It can also be folded and then stored for months when it will not be used.

An awning is also a popular choice among homeowners. It is still very affordable. Moreover, it can cover a wider area. An awning is popular among homeowners because it lends a sophisticated and modern ambiance to the space. It is more often used by restaurants and cafes. Installing an awning can improve the look of the outdoor space.

There are also permanent coverings such as pergolas. These are freestanding structures made of wood. They will not completely block the sun, but it can still minimize the amount of sunlight entering the space. To create more shade, however, people grow vines over and around the pergola. The flowers and leaves not only add aesthetic value to the structure, but they also protect from the intense glare of the sun.

Other homeowners also extend their house’s roof over parts of the yard or use their professionally built carport to create more outdoor living space.

Make It Greener

The more trees there are in your yard, the cooler the space will be during summer.

Trees have been dubbed as nature’s air conditioners because they lower surface and air temperatures. First, they provide much-needed shade from the sun. A dense canopy blocks the most sunlight from reaching the ground. Second, trees cool the space around them through a process called evapotranspiration.

Evapotranspiration is a mix of evaporation and transpiration. It is defined as the water lost from the ground and from plant leaves. When combined with shading, evapotranspiration can reduce peak summer temperature by as much as 9 degrees Fahrenheit (5 degrees Celsius).

In addition, trees can improve air quality by capturing pollution. Vegetation will also help address climate change by absorbing carbon dioxide, a common greenhouse gas before it escapes into the atmosphere and traps heat into the planet.

But, do not just grow trees around your yards. Plants of all sizes can contribute to cooling into the space and clean the air of pollutants.

Keep the Air Moving

The continuous circulation of air allows sweat to evaporate which, in the process, cools the body. In countries where the climate is humid, the air can feel stagnant. If there is a wall or a solid fence, there is far less fresh air moving in and out of the space.

It is better to have a wide-open living space than one that is enclosed or surrounded by other structures. Other homeowners use metal screen fences, wood slat fences, or lattice fences – those that still have space where air can pass through – to cover their yard from snooping eyes.

Plans can also add privacy around the space without blocking the passage of cool breeze within the yard.

Experts also recommend the use of overhead or pole-mounted fans. Fans ensure that the air is moving around the space.

Water Works

People who live beside bodies of water are lucky because the proximity lends them cooler weather. Evaporation immediately cools the surrounding area. The water also absorbs and transports heat. So, while it feels comfortable to sit under the sun at a beach, doing the same at home might be unbearable.

Sprinklers are already very common. In addition to keeping the vegetation hydrated on a hot day, it also increases evaporation to cool the surface and air temperature.

Using misters will provide comfort, too. The device spreads air and reduces body temperature by mimicking the process of sweating. A mister can lower the perceived temperature of the body by up to 20 degrees Fahrenheit (32 degrees Celsius). There are misters that work with umbrellas. It will surround you with water to cool you. Do not worry; misters only release enough water to cool. It would not soak you or your clothes.

Summers are getting hotter, but there is no reason not to enjoy the warm weather. By following these tips, you can cool your outdoor living space for parties with friends or hang out with family.

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