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How to Take Care of Your Kids’ Health During the Winter Season

Winter is the season of festivities and holidays. The kids are the most excited ones, yet they need the utmost care in the runaround of family reunions and parties. Because of developing immunity, they are still prone to some viral infections and flu unrecognized by their anti-body generators.

Hence, parents of children below 12 need to make sure they are well protected from winter season diseases and infections. Some kids have better immunity and don’t need specific protection like those born with lower immunity or in-born allergies and weaknesses. Still, parents must have general rules and practices to prevent their children from getting sick or having a bad holiday experience. Here are a few habits your children need to learn.

  • Getting the yearly flu shot for your children is an essential move. It is one sure way to protect your kid from flu and related infections.
  • Instill the cleanliness habit in your children. Let them acquire the habit of handwashing every time they come home from school or the playground, and before and after meals.
  • If you’re taking care of an infant or a year-old child, it’s good to keep your little one away from crowded places. It is better to have them avoid meeting too many people. Avoiding distant travels while your child is still young ensures their safety from potential illnesses.
  • Instruct your child to keep a distance from people who seem to have a cold (red-nosed) or are coughing and sneezing too much.
  • Show your kids the etiquette of coughing and sneezing. Tell them to cover their nose and mouth with a handkerchief, a tissue, the inside of their collar, or the sleeve of their shirt when sneezing or coughing. Explain that they would spread germs everywhere if they don’t cover their nose and mouth or cover them with their hands.
  • Let your kid bring their own water bottle to school, so they don’t have to use the school premises’ taps and fountains.
  • If you’re living in areas with heavy snowfall during the winter months, make sure you have proper arrangements for protecting your house from getting locked in by chilly snow, such as local snow plow services. Keep the home warm for children and yourself.

In the latter part of winter, you and your children may have to do more than just frequent handwashing, avoiding public places, or coughing safely into elbow joints. As the weather changes drastically, you may need to make changes in your lifestyle and living conditions, too, to avoid getting sick. Here are other things to consider.

Use Carbon Monoxide Detectors in Your Home

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Almost everyone is familiar with fire and smoke detectors and alarms and likely have such devices at home. But any home with a fireplace or furnace must also have a carbon monoxide detector. Carbon monoxide can be lethal for infants, and in the long term, for adults, too. It can cause multiple lung conditions in children at a very young age if it’s not managed.

Think Before Using a Humidifier

Many parents have been using humidifiers for a long time to protect their kids from dry skin. The humidifier may also have a side effect on kids that aren’t immune to allergies from dust mites and molds. They could develop the condition because of the humidifier.

Dress Your Kids for the Cold

The most efficient clothing for children in the winter can be measured by adding an extra layer to the usual clothing layers that make adults comfortable. Kids need more protection from cold winds that hit their torso to keep them warm and active. Along with woolen clothes and jackets, give them waterproof boots and earmuffs. These clothing pieces help protect them from the cold that enters the most vulnerable areas of their body.

Winters are all about staying warm and not being around a lot of cold places and snow. This is why it is necessary to keep your environment warm, too. Keep these tips in mind this coming winter, and make sure your family is comfortable and sickness-free. Stay warm and stay safe!

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