How to Keep Workwear Clean: Hacks for Busy Parents

In manual labor industries, such as construction or mining, workwear is designed to protect employees from specific hazards in the workplace. And for enterprises that don’t deal with chemicals or other hazardous substances, it is common for employees to wash their uniforms themselves

However, washing your workwear, regular clothes, and your family’s clothes is a load of work, especially as a busy parent. Hence, here are some tricks that might make the chore a little easier:

1. Separate your workwear

Whether it’s custom design work shirts or construction overalls, keep your workwear separate from the rest of the laundry. This hack is pretty much self-explanatory. You don’t know what kind of bacteria or substances that are lingering in your work clothes, so don’t take the risk of mixing them with your family’s laundry or your regular clothes. Keep them in a separate hamper and wash them in a different load.

2. Clean stains immediately

Stains are easier to clean when they are fresh. If you spill something on your work clothes, remove the substance as soon as possible before it begins to stain. However, make sure the stain removal method you use is appropriate for the type of stain you’re removing. Otherwise, you might make the stain worse.

Similarly, refrain from scrubbing the stain or applying heat to it. If the stain doesn’t budge, take your garment to a professional.

3. Wash your workwear all in one day

Prioritize your work clothes when it comes to doing laundry on your day off. In this way, you will have all your uniforms for the week ready to wear. Moreover, you won’t have to waste electricity doing a single load of laundry on a weeknight, and you will have more time to deal with the rest of the family’s laundry.


4. Spray off your workwear in the yard

If you come home with an excessive amount of dirt or dust on your clothes, take the time to spray them off in the yard instead of going straight inside the house. By doing so, your work clothes will be easier to wash, and you won’t have to clean any dirt you could’ve trailed indoors. The same goes for shoes. If possible, have a designated area near the front door where you can store your work shoes so that they don’t have to go inside the house.

5. Take your uniform to a professional

From time to time, it’s advisable to take your uniform to a professional for a deep-cleaning. Your washer and dryer at home can only do so much, and having your work clothes professionally cleaned can make them look brand new. At the same time, this will give you more time to do other errands or chores in the house.

Workwear is crucial in labor-intensive industries, especially those wherein employees face particular risks in the workplace every day. Thus, keeping your workwear clean is essential in extending its life and, of course, maintaining proper hygiene. However, it’s not as easy to do when you have a million other chores to accomplish in the house. Hence, use these strategies to at least get your workwear laundry out of the way.

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