Going for a Carport? Here’s Why You Should Consider a Garage

Here’s the undeniable truth: carports attract homeowners because they’re less expensive. If you decide to get a car and want to protect it from the elements without breaking the bank, this is your best option. Another upside is that it’s easy to transform into an aesthetically pleasing part of your house. What more could you want, right?

If you really think that question through, you’ll realize that a carport will leave you wanting for more. Before you decide to put your gloves on or call your trusted contractor, here are three main reasons a garage is a safer bet.

You’ll get more out of it

It’s best to think long-term when investing in any home extension or renovation. While a carport can remain structurally sound for years, it lacks the attributes that make a garage efficient.

A closed space like a garage can serve multiple purposes. Apart from creating a safe place for your cars, it can give you sufficient room for storage. You might not think it’s useful now, but it will be as the years go by and your family expands. Having a ready storage area is especially useful when deciding to increase the living space inside your house. You can install closets and cabinets in the garage for your miscellaneous items without worrying that they’ll get ruined or stolen, which is probably the case when you do the same with carports. Even when you live in a safe neighborhood, it’ll give a better sense of peace knowing that you can limit access to all your belongings because they’re not out in the open.

man fixing car in garage

It’s easier to equip with additional security

When it comes to keeping your car safe from thieves, a garage is a great way to discourage attempts. It has never deterred the most daring criminals, but between a garage and a carport, the latter is an easier target.

A garage is also easier to outfit with additional security. Apart from the floodlights that keep your doors safe from nighttime burglary, it’s also better suited for CCTV cameras. This is especially true if you prefer to install them yourself. A closed space with artificial lighting will give you better control of the elements like glaring lights, shadows, and rain that can render some footage ineffective. If you really want to get the most out of your security gadgets, though, it’s better to let a professional handle them. They’ll know exactly where to put it so that you won’t only see a crime when it happens, but you’ll have a better chance of getting a good look at the criminal.

You can also equip your garage with modern tools that automate security. There are plenty of gadgets in the market that can send notifications to your phone if anything happens while you’re in your office in Utah.

Despite all these amazing security features at your disposal, a garage’s ability to keep your car safe still depends on how you maintain it. Is the door not closing properly? Look for a garage door repair service at once. Zip tie the emergency door release and make sure that the windows, too, still close properly. Sometimes, it’s missing out on the most basic things that can compromise your security.

house with garage

Your home increases in value

You might not think about selling in the near future, but it’s too early to say never. Many unknowns can happen, which could compel you to sell and relocate. When it does happen, you’ll be grateful for the home improvements you invested in that increased its value.

A garage is one such investment. Given the aforementioned benefits, you’ll be able to put your house in the market at a higher price. It could also sell faster than houses with carports or without any such extension because many homeowners put a premium on the security of their families and their belongings. If your house can boast of such features, then you’ll be attracting buyers who’ll want to give you a worthy return for your investment.

Think about your needs

A garage is admittedly not for everyone despite its benefits, but it’s worth considering. Compared to a carport, you’ll get more out of your money no matter what you decide in the future. Think this decision through, and make sure that whichever you go for suits your needs and gives you the most value for your money.

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