For Parents: Why You Need to Be More Involved in Your Child’s Learning

Parents wear many hats which is why they are often exhausted and stressed out. You are their driver, cook, maid, baby sitter, guidance counsellor, and a lot more. But if you want your child to succeed not just in school, but in their career and life in general, then one thing you shouldn’t take for granted is staying involved in their learning.

Some parents lack involvement in their kid’s learning. They think that once a child reaches the school age, their roles of being an educator stops there. Remember that just because your children are now attending school, your only role now is to pay for their tuition and provide everything they might need in school. Parent involvement in their children’s education can pay off in more ways than one.

Why Parent Involvement Is Crucial for Your Little One’s Learning

Being involved in your kid’s learning helps ensure they get every support they need to make learning fun and manageable. Remember that kids have different learning styles, which is why some can easily learn numbers, while others are more musically inclined. Some kids are social learners while others learn better in solitary. Some children prefer speech and writing while others want visual information. Some kids prefer using their sense of touch in processing information.

Knowing what type of learner your child is makes it easier for you to guide in better understanding things. This is not only to make sure they can keep up with their lessons in school and earn good grades. This is also helpful in teaching them life skills in a way they can easily understand.

The more engaged and involved you are with your kid’s learning, the easier it will be to teach them how to behave and socialize with others. Remember that you are the first few people your kids get to interact with. Teach them how to be kind, respectful of others, and how to be good citizens. Don’t simply think you are raising a child. In reality, you are raising a future adult who can make a difference in this world.

Parents can impact their kid’s mental health. If you stay involved in their learning, you can help them build their self-esteem. Your kids will feel more positive emotions and will feel more confident knowing you got their back whenever they badly need your support.

How Parents Can Improve Their Involvement in Their Kid’s Learning

Some parents think it is enough that they pay for their kid’s education and some help with their homework. The good news is, there are different strategies parents can do to improve their involvement with their children’s learning. The following are just a few examples of how you can motivate your kids to learn.

  • Support their interests or obsession

children runningSome kids have an extreme interest in animals, while others are into learning different languages. Some are obsessed with anything agriculture and farming-related, from giant farm tractors down to different plough parts and types. Instead of shutting them down every time they ask you questions you don’t know the answer to, help them explore using your available resources. You can use the internet, books from the local library, or take them out for an educational tour to help them better understand their interests.

  • Be more active in school

Teachers can use all the help they can get from their student’s parents. They don’t necessarily need you to drop and pick up your kids from school every day or sit in during their discussion on online classes. Teach your kids good study habits and what the school expects from them in terms of academics and behaviours. Your presence in school events, parents-teachers conferences, and volunteering in school during your free time is good enough support.

  • Support their learning style

Kids can have different interest and one of the reasons why is due to their learning style. For instance, your child may be a kinaesthetic learner, which is why they are into physical activities. If you continuously expect them to learn just by listening and reading, they will really have a hard time understanding their lessons. Give your kids some slack and help them find ways to learn by supporting their kind of learning style.

Your kids need every bit of support you can offer. You may already have lots of things on your plate which makes you want to jump at every opportunity that can lessen your load. But remember that you, as parents, are your kid’s greatest support. If you want to raise responsible, kind, and well-adjusted adults, then show your kids a bit more love. Stay involved with their learning and try to be more patient.

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