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Which Flooring Is Right for Your House?

One significant challenge of home renovation is the flooring. Even if you get all the walls painted and replace furniture, it can still give your home a worn-out look without proper flooring. That does not mean that you will stay with that old carpet or rug of yours for cover. You will come across various flooring options today that are easy to install and affordable at the same time.

Vinyl, tiles, and some laminates cost less than a dollar per sq ft. However, it may not be possible for you to pick up just any cheap option and install it. You have to look into the advantages and disadvantages, to decide if it suits you. So, before you get started on the flooring project, it makes sense to do a little research. New flooring installing for your home may be an expensive proposition. So, read about the various categories to decide the best for you.

Here we have compiled a few flooring ideas to make a choice.

DIY Floor Replacement Ideas

There are several things that you can do yourself. This way, you will save some money and manage the space while staying there itself. Peel and stick flooring and vinyl stickers are available aplenty, and you can use them for your flooring. If you want to save on expensive remodels, then DIY is best. Go for carpet tiles that you can fix yourself. They Are less costly, and you need tape, chalk, and a knife to install them. The peel and stick flooring stickers do not even need adhesive. After peeling off the back covers, you can just stick them where you want to. Some reasonably-priced vinyl stickers come in 12’×12′ sizes. You can fix them quickly too.

Bear in mind that some projects might be more complex than you anticipated. Because of this, some of your tools might break down mid-project. You’ll need to find a supplier that provides spare parts or repairs construction equipment. Getting yourself prepared will also help you overcome any delays and breakdowns.

Professional Floor Replacement Ideas

Below are a few professional flooring ideas for you. Go for them, if they suit you.

wood floor systematically arranged

Hardwood is one of the most popular flooring options today in the U.S. Its simple installation modalities make it the perfect choice for all. The process includes just nailing wooden planks on the sub-floor. These come in plank sizes or strips, depending on the area. Most manufacturers make them out of oak wood or maple. Additionally, you can buy it either in a finished or unfinished condition.

Finished varieties are less costly and are easy to install than unfinished varieties. Factory-finished hardwood flooring is one of the most popular available options today. They look good in all kinds of homes and rooms. And they are long-lasting, too. When you sell homes with hardwood floors, they can fetch a tidy sum. However, you have to handle them well. Rough handling can spoil them in no time.

Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic Tiles are made from clay and shale and then fired in a brick kiln. It is a strong material that comes in a variety of patterns. However, not all are suitable for flooring material. So, ensure to get those which are ideal for your existing floor. Thin-set mortar is applied on the concrete or sub-floor, and then the tiles are fixed to the floor. Moreover, you need to train personnel to do the job. It can be a time-consuming process.

The various options in ceramic tiles include glazed ceramics, porcelain, quarry tiles, and terracotta. Glazed ceramics are maintenance-free, and you can use them anywhere. Porcelain is also tough and does well outdoors. Modern printing technology has made it possible to create various patterns on such tiles. It can also emulate the look of natural stone and even wooden surfaces. The main advantage of using such tiles is that they are stain-resistant and hardy.

Furthermore, they are maintenance-free. But the downside is that these tend to be slippery and cold. And, if one accidentally cracks, it can be challenging to fix it back into place.

Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl Flooring is another type of flooring similar to floating floors. You can just get them fixed atop your regular flooring with relative ease. The underlying flooring is just as to be flat. Additionally, it is softer than traditional wooden flooring. The reason is apt. It is made from a coating of PVC over felt. Thus, it is a lot more comfortable to walk on. You will also come across cushioned varieties that are lined with foam. Additionally, you will also get a textured surface like stone or wood.

You will be amazed to know that vinyl comes in several forms. There are ones that click into place, just like engineered wood, and others come with a peel-off mechanism. It is very tough and can stand moisture and heavy usage. It is also relatively cheap and requires zero maintenance. A good-quality vinyl flooring can last 20 years too.

But the cheaper ones often have a fake look. Although good-quality vinyl is more durable, low-quality ones can be scratched. Additionally, they are not eco-friendly. So, that might deter consumers who want to keep environmental concerns on top priority.

These are a few flooring options to consider for home renovation. There are plenty more available. So, get one that suits you today.

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