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First Things First: What to Do After Moving into a New Place

After many months of planning, going over checklists, packing all of your items safely in several boxes, and carrying them to the moving truck, you’ve finally reached your new address. It may have been a stressful series of events for you — after all, no one really sees the prospect of moving as an enjoyable task.

It was time-consuming, overwhelming, and downright nerve-wracking. Unfortunately, getting the keys to your new place isn’t your final task. When you get to your new place, you still have another set of things to accomplish before everything is finalized. You’ll probably need another checklist for it, too. We’re not talking about decorating your new place yet. While we understand how this can be the part you’re most looking forward to, it’s not part of your first must-dos.

What exactly are the first things you should do when you’ve finally reached your new home? Let this list be your guide:

Switch all the utilities on and see if everything is working

Let the utility companies know that you’re the new tenant. Dial their names and inform them of the changes. Ask if they can have all the utilities transferred under your name, such as gas, water, electricity, trash, and sewer. You’ll need a new Internet provider as well (or a landline phone, if you prefer to have one), so check if you can get all of these done as soon as possible. Don’t hesitate to ask questions when you make the call. If you realize you have no electric supply or notice other issues, you can also call an emergency electrician in Salt Lake City or anywhere in your area.

Change all the locks immediately and make sure all doors are secured

If you’re moving to a previously-owned property, there’s a big chance that there are multiple copies of the keys. You won’t have a way to find out how many of them are there, so contact a locksmith immediately and get all your locks changed as soon as possible.

If you want added security features in your home, you can ask a locksmith, but make sure you’ve discussed this with your landlord beforehand. Also, while improving your home’s security, don’t forget to plan on how you can avoid getting locked out of your own property.

If you have pets, help them make the right adjustments as well

a brown dog eating on his bowl

If you’ve felt stressed out during the entire moving process, imagine how stressful it had been for your furry friends as well. Grab your pet’s special box where you’ve packed all of their belongings and put them in a space where your pets can see them and play around with them. Prepare a special room for them where they can have all their favorite items like blankets, chew toys, litter boxes, and treats. When they see familiar things around them, it will help them feel more relaxed and adjust quickly to their new environment.

These are just some of the things you should accomplish when you get to your new home. Prepare a separate checklist for everything and you’ll be able to finish them all in no time.

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