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Facts About Feminine Products: Are They Really Necessary?

It’s the one thing that all women want – to always feel fresh and clean down there. Of course, manufacturers of personal care products are entirely aware of this. That’s why there’s an entire industry solely dedicated to feminine care.

Marketed as “feminine hygiene products,” the line includes a number of different types of intimate washes (available in varying scents!), shaving gels and creams, wipes, and lubricants, are highly prevalent in many countries all over the world. In fact, there are other alternative care products and procedures available, such as intimate douches and vaginal steaming.

In a report released by Allied Market Research, it has been revealed that the prediction for the global feminine hygiene product market growth between 2016 and 2022 will be worth $42.7 billion, with the highest increase expected to happen in the Asia-Pacific region.

This market, however, isn’t limited to hygiene products alone; tampons, sanitary pads, and panty liners are also included. So, what’s the truth behind these feminine care products? Are they really something women can’t leave without? More importantly, do they actually cause more harm than help?

Here’s what top gynecologists in South Jordan have to say.

These feminine products may increase your risk of infections

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A woman’s vagina has a natural balance of “vaginal flora,” which is the term used to refer to healthy bacteria which are responsible for maintaining an acidic environment. This, in turn, provides the right amount of protection to the vagina against infections.

But, if you choose to use internal cleansers which are capable of flushing your private area with water and other body fluids, it may upset the sensitive balance of these bacteria. In addition, the use of douching kits may increase the growth of harmful bacteria around this area, which causes changes in the vagina’s normal pH.

Many products in the market make misleading claims

Hygiene products for external use such as cleansers, sprays, cleansers and wipes are being marketed as products for maintaining a healthy pH balance in the feminine area. While keeping the vaginal pH well maintained is an excellent idea, these external feminine care products aren’t exactly effective when it comes to maintaining this balance inside your vagina.

Also, the longstanding misconception that vaginas are “dirty” should finally be debunked. Just like the human eyes, the vagina is capable of keeping itself clean by producing body secretions which allow dead skin cells and other impurities to be washed away and removed from the vaginal tract.

These feminine care products can cause vaginal irritations

Many of these so-called feminine care products contain ingredients such as fragrances and preservatives, which can lead to adverse skin reactions, including discomfort and even itching. Many people have allergies to perfumes and other types of fragrances.

Because the skin around the genital area is highly sensitive, it can be challenging to predict how the body will react to these products, even if they’re said only to have natural ingredients.

Manufacturers of these products want you to believe that these will keep your lady parts healthy and in good condition. But, not only are these unnecessary; they can be dangerous as well.

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