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DIY TIME: Do’s and Don’ts of Garage Door Maintenance

There’s some kind of satisfaction in finishing DIY projects. Plus, you save a few bucks when you take on things yourself. If, however, your next project is all about garage door maintenance, we urge you to take a step back.

You see, there are tasks that you can definitely do on your own and others that are best left to the pros. Read on to know the difference.

Do: Put a Fresh Coat of Paint or Stain

As you wait for the garage door to open, you can’t help but notice how much it needs repainting. Then, you wonder who to call to do the job and how much that would cost you. The good news is that you can easily do it yourself over the weekend. There’s no need to hire the pros.

All you have to do is set a day or two aside, gather your materials, and roll up your sleeves. In setting a schedule for the project, take the weather into account. You would want to choose a cool day with low humidity and indirect sunlight.

For the materials, pick the paint and primer that are appropriate for your garage door. There are several varieties to choose from for doors made of aluminum steel and garage. Of course, the project entails other nitty-gritty steps, such as dusting, sanding, and taping the parts you don’t want to be painted, but nothing you can’t handle.

When you’re done painting, wait for the paint to dry and see how your door transforms from shabby to spiffy.

Do: Lubricate Chains and Gears

Fun fact: Just like your hand drill, your mechanical garage door may be using a bevel gear in Wisconsin. To keep this type of gear working property, both for your door and power tools, you have to lubricate it. The same goes for the chain rails in your garage.

Do this at least a couple of times a year. Also, make sure to choose the right lubricant, such as a silicone spray or lithium-based grease. These can repel debris and dust, unlike oil that’s prone to dirt buildup.

This project can easily be accomplished on your own in less than two hours.

While you’re at it, you might want to lubricate the rollers, springs, and bearings as well.

Do: Silencio! Noise Reduction

Nobody likes a noisy garage door. If you’ve had enough of the high-pitch speaking and grinding noises every time you drive in and out, then it’s time to make that door quieter. The secret here is to find what’s causing the annoying sound.

Common sources of noise are unlubricated rollers, cables, and springs. So, if you’ve already done the DIY project above, rust and dirt might not be the culprit. The next parts to check are the nuts and bolts because they tend to rattle as the door opens and closes.

A broken motor can also cause extra noise. Check yours and see if it needs replacement. When shopping for a new one, take note that a belt-driven motor is quieter than a chain-driven motor. Choose wisely this time.

Don’t: Fix Bent Tracks

When the garage door doesn’t open and close the way it should, the chances are good that its tracks are bent. Tracks serve as the path that helps the door to roll up or slide close/open. If these paths are curved, you must call a pro to straighten them rather than do it yourself.

While the job seems easy enough, the tracks should be realigned properly for the entire garage door system to work again. Various techniques might be implemented depending on the severity of the damage. Taking things in your own hand may cause further damages and even injuries.

Without fully functioning tracks, a heavy garage door might fall any time.

Don’t: Anything Related to Photo Eyes

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Photo eyes are little sensors that keep you and your family from getting crushed by the garage door. These mechanisms are extremely sensitive, so don’t intend to move or remove them on your own. Leave them to the professionals for your own safety.

DIY projects are fun and definitely worth your time. But if safety is at stake, that’s where you should draw the line and turn to experts. They have the skills and knowledge to get the job done safely and right the first time.

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