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When Your Child Outgrows Their Bedroom: Affordable Remodeling Ideas

The average cost of raising a kid may not cover regular bedroom updates yet. Kids outgrow their spaces quickly. Throughout their childhood, they may change beds at least two times. And when they become a teen, they may crave a change in decorations at least twice a year.

Without a doubt, updating your kid’s bedroom every few years will break the bank. But it doesn’t have to. If you future-proof their bedroom, you can get away with most updates, and your child may appreciate the timeless appeal of their space. But of course, every kid is different; some may still insist on frequent updates, while others would happily accept whatever you’ve designed for them. But you can use cost-saving hacks either way.

That said, here are some budget-friendly remodeling ideas for future-proof or transitional kids’ bedrooms:

1. Skip the Toddler Bed

A toddler bed has benefits, such as the guard rails that prevent kids from falling off. It also stands lower than an adult bed, minimizing the impact if a toddler still falls off. But if the budget is tight, you may skip buying a toddler bed. A toddler can safely sleep on an adult twin bed as long as you take the necessary precautions.,

And to further future-proof their twin bed, buy from a trusted mattress store. It’s better to invest in a slightly pricey mattress than settle for a cheap, unbranded one that won’t last long. High-quality mattresses offer better support and have sturdier springs and foams. Even if your toddler jumps on it, the mattress’ cushioning won’t degrade.

The tricky part, however, is making your toddler sleep safely on the twin bed. If they tend to nip off the edge of their bed at night, you’d need to install a guard rail. You can also skip the bed frame and just lay the mattress on the floor. That’s a surer way to prevent falls, as some toddlers like to vault or climb over the guard rails.

2. Put Storage Units

As kids grow up, they should learn how to clean up after themselves. Put generous storage units in their bedroom so that your kid can dress themselves, put their clean clothes where they belong, and keep their toys after playing. If they’re only a toddler, install safety hardware on cabinets and drawers against the wall. It would keep the furniture from toppling over in case your kid gets a little too hyper.

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3. Mix Patterns and Colors

Instead of buying cutesy decorations, make the functional items decorative. Mix patterns and colors using their bedding, rugs, and window treatments. Maybe the bedding can combine solid color and stripes, while the carpets can sport a Bohemian pattern. If you’d use drapes, consider polka dots.

Mixing patterns and colors adds depth and layer to a space. It creates a more put-together design than using all-white paint and bedding, and loads of random accessories are added. Plus, patterns and colors suit the bedrooms of people of all ages. Whether you’re three or forty, your eyes will rejoice at the sight of such artful design and decor.

4. Make It Playful

Just because you want to future-proof your kid’s room doesn’t mean you should let go of the playful details. If your kid is still in grade school, they need a space for playing and imagining things. If you want their bedroom’s design to last until their high school years, create a play corner.

For example, build a tent or fortress where all their toys and other kiddie stuff will be kept. That way, when they grow up, you can easily put away all the things they don’t need anymore. You can keep the tent or fortress since a teen would find that Instagram-worthy.

5. Use Wallpapers Instead of Paint

When your kid finally tires of their bright blue or bright pink walls, no need to call a painter anymore. Just buy wallpapers and install them yourself. Wallpapers outperform paint when it comes to design and texture. They may peel over time, but at least they’re easier to replace than paint. If you’re feeling more creative and productive, you can repaint the walls and install the wallpaper on the ceiling. That’ll give your kid’s room a surprising and unique detail.

6. Don’t Rush

You don’t need to finish a bedroom remodeling in one whole day. For a kid’s room, a remodel may take several years. So don’t panic when your kid starts to crave a new look for their spaces. Change things little by little. Let them grow up at their own pace, and discover their aesthetics gradually. There’s no harm in delaying a room makeover if your kid doesn’t seem to be ready for it yet.

A child will grow up someday, and they will need the fitting room for their development. Consider the ideas mentioned above so that you can provide a suitable space for them.

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