Have you been accused of a terror-related incident? Call a criminal solicitor!

It has become an increasingly common topic in the media: acts of terrorism. You can probably list a number of high profile cases such as 9/11, the Manchester Arena bombings, and the Paris bombings that have occurred in the past decade. In line with those cases, you are probably also aware of society’s reaction to those responsible, whether or not they have survived the incident. To be accused of being involved in these offences when you have not been could be life changing and not for the better.

If you are being investigated in connection with an act of terrorism, it is essential that you get representation to support you through the process. By enlisting the support of a legal expert, it can make the difference between whether or not any charges are brought against you. If you have already been charged, it is vital to have a criminal solicitor working to find the evidence you need to support your version of events and to either reduce the severity of a conviction or to help you be acquitted of all charges.

What can a solicitor do to help me?


Some of the common allegations that are brought against a terrorist suspect include engaging in the preparations for an act of terrorism, or assisting someone in the preparations for an act of terrorism. Another allegation which may be made is collecting information or keeping a record of any information that is useful for committing an act of terrorism. You could also be accused of distributing terrorist publications or encouraging others to commit an act of terrorism, or being subscribed to a terrorist organisation. You may be charged with funding a terrorist organisation or possessing an explosive substance that you intend to cause harm to others with. You may also require a solicitor for representation during questioning at a port, airport or international railway station. For any of these allegations or situations, a solicitor will be able to advise you during questioning and ensure that the investigation is conducted appropriately. They can also take proactive steps to help your case, such as interviewing expert witnesses. Having this representation can be essential in whether or not charges are made against you. If charges have already been made, a solicitor’s work on your defence strategy can be key to the outcome of your case and if you are convicted.

When can I contact a solicitor?

If you are being questioned, a solicitor will be available at any time of day or night to support you as questioning can happen 24/7. If a charge has been brought against you, your solicitor will be able to assist you and advise you of their working hours. To find a solicitor, check out the Law Society’s search tool for professionals to represent you. You can also consider researching their level of experience and whether or not they are accredited by any organisations such as the Law Society.

If you are facing terrorism charges, remember to get a solicitor as soon as possible to bring about the best results for you.

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