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7 Practical Ways To Attract Buyers For Your Lavish House

If your house has a value of £1 million or more, the average time it would take to be sold can be as long as 99 days or more, according to a report by Rightmove. With the average selling price of UK houses being only £224,000, it’s understandable how your expensive house will not sell as fast.

But this is not a reason to feel resigned and hopeless; if you know how to please the market, your lavish house will find a new owner in no time. And the best part about it is that you don’t have to spend a ton of money. Improving your home for staging can be done affordable ways. For example, if you want to give your home a more chic vibe, you can purchase a new, high-quality chaise lounge for sale and place it in your sitting area or bedroom. The furniture addition doesn’t cost as much as a full home remodeling or renovation, yet it can give your home some character.

That said, here are some practical ways to make your expensive home sell fast:

1. Clean and Re-Organise

Before getting all excited about redecorating, make sure to get rid of all the unnecessary clutter first. Put away all unsightly items displayed in your home so you can stage it as good as new. But don’t remove every personal item, because your buyers would like to see it as a real home, not a model house. The key is to remove the mess but not the personality, so buyers can imagine what it’s like to inhabit that space.

2. Create An Open Space

These days, open and bright spaces are very much loved, so assign one particular area in your home to be an airy spot. Remove any bulky furniture that’s filling up that space, and mount mirrors to the wall if you’d like to make it even bigger and brighter.

3. Re-Paint

Faded and discolored paints will put a frown on your buyer’s faces, so apply a fresh coat of paint on your walls and everywhere it’s needed. Bold colors are may put off some potential customers, so re-paint those in a more neutral shade.

4. Update The Bathroom and Kitchen

After thoroughly cleaning your bathroom, check for any fixture that needs replacing, like outdated cabinet handles and tiling. Do the same for your kitchen, and see if the countertops need to be replaced. Trendy and airy kitchens will add value to your home, so don’t downplay your kitchen’s design. Also check your bathroom and kitchen’s plumbing works; if there seems to be a problem, have it fixed immediately.

5. Update Lighting

Replace your outdated lighting with modern ones. Floor lamps and desk lamps establish a trendy aesthetic, as do modern ceiling fixtures. Plenty of natural light should also be allowed to enter, so make sure your windows are spotless clean to make light pass through unimpeded. Hang simple but elegant drapery or blinds, too, for privacy.

6. Landscaping

Home Exterior of House with Landscape

Big houses often have a landscape garden, so don’t forget to pay attention to yours as you stage your home. Make sure your plants are still healthy, and grow more if they’re already looking dull. Visit a gardening store nearby and ask which plants thrive in your area, especially flowers, because they add more life and colour to your garden and home.

Also trim your shrubs, prune overgrown branches, and water your plants regularly, especially in the dry season.

7. Hire An Agent

Real estate agents have plenty of connections within the market, so you can leave the job of finding serious buyers to them. They will also be your representative and aide during the process of selling your home, so your buyer can put their full trust in you.

With those changes done to your house, a number of buyers will surely be attracted to it, despite the hefty price. With buyers fighting for your home, you can expect it to be sold fast, making all the updates worth the hard work and money.

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