Free Pattern: Rikke Hat

Posted by on January 31, 2011 / 100 Comments

We are very excited to release our first Happy Knits free pattern, designed by Sarah herself. Introducing the Rikke Hat:

rikke and sarah

Download The Rikke Hat pattern by clicking HERE.

This hat was designed for DK weight yarn, and both of the photographed samples were knit out of Madelinetosh’s new Tosh Merino DK. The hat takes only one skein, and is a great choice for both semi-solid and variegated colorways as the garter stitch design helps to prevent pooling. Note: Other popular yarn choices for this pattern are Tosh DK and Malabrigo Rios

sarah's hat

For those of you wondering, Rikke is a wonderful globe-trotting customer of ours who was the first one to test knit the silver sample for Sarah, and the hat is named in her honor.

rikke's hat


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  1. great job Sarah on your first pattern!

    Comment by melinda — January 31, 2011

  2. Sara, Thanks for the great little hat pattern. I love it and can see one on my needles in the near future!

    Comment by Betsy — February 1, 2011

  3. i want to make one for one of my six granddaughters l.s.

    Comment by lois sanchez — February 2, 2011

  4. Fun hat! What is the final circumference? Thanks for sharing!

    Comment by Crystal — February 7, 2011

  5. This hat is really cute and I love the yarn. You will be getting an order from me soon. :)

    Comment by Leslie H. — February 8, 2011

  6. A truly lovely hat. Thank you so much for sharing this pattern. Sure I will make one.

    Comment by Esther — February 13, 2011

  7. So pretty and simple! This is *exactly* the pattern I was looking for last week. You are a godsend. Thank you for sharing!

    Comment by anatsuno — February 13, 2011

  8. Super cute! Will be making this STAT!

    Comment by Heather — February 26, 2011

  9. I’m a beginner and I made it and I am 60!!!love it.Thank you

    Comment by kathy — March 30, 2011

  10. Thanks for this free pattern

    Love it!

    Comment by Bois de Santal — July 3, 2011

  11. thank you very much for this beautiful hat and for sharing the pattern.

    Comment by Gaëlle — November 3, 2011

  12. This is a wonderful hat! I have a daughter losing her hair. I really want to make it right away. She will love it.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Comment by Ann — November 10, 2011

  13. This is a fantastic floppy hip hat. Thank you for the pattern.

    Comment by Jennifer — November 11, 2011

  14. Am knitting Rikke hat and wonder if there is a way to avoid the “seam” at the beginning of the round. Thanks!

    Comment by Cathy — November 20, 2011

  15. ok I love these hats and I know this is going to be weird but I really love the dark haired girl’s haircut!! is there anyway you could post a picture of her w/o a hat on? thanks!

    Comment by Addy — February 24, 2012

  16. Love this hat. It’s my birthday today and I got some yarn as a present so I’m looking for a hat pattern. I’m going to try this one I think.

    Comment by Emily — February 25, 2012

  17. I’m just starting this hat, love the look of it but when it comes to the crown you say K1, pm. What does pm mean??

    I’m quite an experienced knitter but couldn’t figure that part out.

    Thanks so much.

    I look forward to your reply,


    Comment by Toni Hayden — March 3, 2012

  18. Toni-
    Pm usually refers to “place marker” (just as sm refers to “slip marker”)


    Comment by Melissa G — March 7, 2012

  19. My 17 year old DD requested I make this hat for her when she saw it on Ravelry ad I completed it a few weeks ago. The other day I went to an open house at her school and saw a friend of my DD wearing a stunning hat and I said I loved it. She laughed and said, “I wonder why?” It suddenly occurred to me that she was wearing the Rikke hat I had made for my DD! Darn that short-term memory. Oh, well, just proves what a great hat it is – LOL!

    Comment by Joy — April 16, 2012

  20. I’m on my fourth Rikke hat, and I’m sure I’ll make a lot more. Thanks, Sarah! =)

    Comment by Andrea — April 27, 2012

  21. i would love the pattern for the Rikke hat.
    Thank you.

    Comment by paula west — May 5, 2012

  22. What does “pm” mean please in the crown shaping ? Thanks

    Comment by Tracey Gunn — July 16, 2012

  23. I was also wondering what pm meant

    Comment by Amanda — July 25, 2012

  24. I just looked it up. It means place marker

    Comment by Amanda — July 25, 2012

  25. Hi. Should this hat fit a 13 yr old? My granddaughter has chosen it out of the options I gave her for a back to c
    School hat…. Thanks!

    Comment by Michele — August 2, 2012

  26. thanks !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Comment by lau — August 5, 2012

  27. Hi there.
    Thanks for the great pattern!
    I am trying to work this out in German and I got it almost all.
    I am failing at the crown though and can’t figure out what those ‘K’ s stand for (like in ‘K13, pm) and (Ktog).
    Neither do I know where the markers all off a sudden come from (where do I mark?
    Thank you in advance!
    Nicole from Germany

    Comment by Nicole — August 13, 2012

  28. I’m a beginner and have never done magic loop knitting. Where is it supposed to start on the pattern?


    Comment by grace — September 27, 2012

  29. I really really love this pattern. You did such a great job. Hope you make more, and best of luck to you!:)

    Emily :)

    Comment by Emily — October 6, 2012

  30. Not an expert, but thought I’d put my 0.02 for some of the questions.

    To avoid a seam when joining in the round, try this simple trick. When joining in the round–slip the last stitch of your cast-on from the right to the left needle, and then bring the first stitch (just to the left) over to your right needle–swapping the two stitches. It helps clean up joining.

    Where to start the magic loop? It can be started anywhere, but you’ll probably want to start it at your place marker and then loop will be halfway through the row.

    Comment by 61ache — October 25, 2012

  31. Thank you for this lovely pattern I finished it today and will be ready for wrapping for Christmas very soon!

    Comment by Maureen — October 26, 2012

  32. So cute!

    Comment by Joyce — November 21, 2012

  33. just knitted two up for a christmas present! for some reason, the first came out huge– the rim was way too big for a normal head (quickly solved with a crochet border). the second i used 61ache’s advice, and it seamed up so so nice.

    Comment by priscila — December 22, 2012

  34. how do i find the free rikke hat pattern? Thanks for your help

    Comment by Mary Randick — December 27, 2012

  35. Is this easy enough for a “learner”?

    Comment by Dorothy LaSalle — December 31, 2012

  36. I’m also having difficulty finding the free pattern.

    Comment by Sue — January 2, 2013

  37. Please tell how to find pattern for the Rikke hat. Thanks!

    Comment by Nancy Bishop — January 3, 2013

  38. Hi I would love to knit this hat but can’t use circular needles or double pointed needles. Could this be knitted with two straight needles and what does pm mean in the pattern.. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    Many Thanks
    Glenda from Oz

    Comment by Glenda — January 11, 2013

  39. Thank you for this lovely pattern. It’s really, for want of a better word, nice!

    Comment by Kathleen — January 19, 2013

  40. Hi,
    I can’t seem to open the link to the Rikke hat. Please advise where I can find this pattern. Thank you!

    Comment by dani — January 21, 2013

  41. Hi,
    I can’t open the link to the Rikke hat either!! Please advise.

    Comment by Elaine — February 4, 2013

  42. Ditto…want to make hat, can’t access pattern.

    Comment by Rose Eckley — February 8, 2013

  43. Love this pattern!! Going to knit one for my son and one for myself.

    Comment by Stephanie — February 17, 2013

  44. BTW- I had no problem downloading the pattern.

    Comment by Stephanie — February 17, 2013

  45. I, too, would like to know if this hat can be done on straight needles?

    Comment by Chris — February 20, 2013

  46. Just switched needles but find that 27″ is difficult to work on after using 16″ circular needles. Any suggestions?

    Comment by Misty — February 21, 2013

  47. Thanks for the pattern

    Comment by Catherine — March 5, 2013

  48. Wonderful hat pattern! What is the colorway for the purple hat? I love the hints of gold showing through.

    Comment by NY — March 7, 2013

  49. Yes it can be done on straights. Just don’t purl, knit every row. I was wondering about the 9 inches from cast on is that stretched or unstretched? Cause I’m gonna run outta yarn if it’s unstretched lol

    Comment by Lucia — March 20, 2013

  50. This is a fabulous pattern! The owner of a yarn shop I frequent was wearing one, and she sold me her last skein of tosh merino dk. It is such a great hat! My sister wants several, and I want one for myself….almost wishing it was still winter! 😉 Really, really wonderful and easy pattern!

    Comment by laura — May 4, 2013

  51. Thanks so much for the pattern! I’ve knitted 5 of them out of various yarns over the last few months. In the last week, I have found an interesting use for them as duckling warmers. We are hatching a brood of 12 eggs of Pekin Ducks (Think Aflac ducks) and once they are free of their eggs, they get a bit frantic and start thrashing around. I pop the little buggers into a Rikke hat and snuggle it close to me. They settle down and start napping!

    Comment by Brenda — May 16, 2013

  52. Hi Jessa! I’d love to knit this hat, but am getting caught up on changing needles. Should I be using interchangeable needles? Or, is there a YouTube video that could help me with the transition? I haven’t started yet, but would like to make sure that if I head out tomorrow to buy the proper needles, that it’s not for waste! Thanks so much. Catrina

    Comment by Catrina — May 22, 2013

  53. How do I read abb. pm??

    Comment by Shanti — June 12, 2013

  54. Love this wonderful hat – can’t wait to start knitting it!

    Comment by Marie Moore — June 21, 2013

  55. Love this hat, but I bought Madeline Tosh vintage, will that be okay?

    Comment by Josie — September 30, 2013

  56. Thank you for the pattern. What does pm mean in the pattern?

    Comment by Janine Marley — November 6, 2013

  57. “pm” means place marker. it is used to indicate either the beginning of the round, a decrease/increase, etc.

    happy knitting!

    Comment by Emma — November 18, 2013

  58. I do not know how to do the German twist cast-on method.
    Can you help me?

    Comment by Leslie Lyles — December 6, 2013

  59. Here is a link to a YouTube video offering instruction on the German Twist Castbon method.

    Comment by Christina — December 7, 2013

  60. Ran out of wool using the redish colour of the suggested line. Did another in the greys and went down to 4 mm needle and had only about a yard of wool left. I’ve since made another with 4.5 mm and another wool brand and it worked with the amount of wool required. I’ve talked this over with friends and can’t figure out what the problem was with the red. After all said and done my friend absolutely loved the two hats I made her and I love mine as well. I do not have as much floppy at the back and wonder if it’s going to stretch that much to give me the floppiness. I quite like my look. Did learn a new cast on method, and used the magic loop with two needles on the crown section. So I am pleased…..will be making more as the hat is lovely over the ears and very warm.

    Comment by christine — January 1, 2014

  61. I love the hat, but I am not able to open the pattern or see it, please advise what to do??

    Comment by Hedy Francois — January 13, 2014

  62. Hedy,

    I’m not sure why you are unable to open the pattern–it works on all our computers here so I don’t know what the issue is. I would suggest making sure you can view/upload pdf files on your computer. Besides that, maybe try opening the file on other computer/device! Good luck and happy knitting.

    Comment by Emma — January 29, 2014

  63. Where can I find the pattern for the grey hat

    Comment by Nadina — February 19, 2014

  64. Clicking Free Pattern does not open the pattern pdf— only pictures of the hat and a description. Can you find out what is wrong?

    Comment by Dale — March 17, 2014

  65. Dale,

    I’m not sure why you are encountering this issue–when we click on the Free Pattern .pdf file on all our computers here it works fine–it should lead you to a single page with no pix, just the pattern. All our in-store customers that made the Rikke hat have not had any issues–I’ve asked! I suggest you try to open the .pdf file again, either on your same device or another computing device.


    Comment by Emma — March 26, 2014

  66. For those having problems getting the pattern, if I click on the very first heading, “Free Pattern: Rikki Hat”, I just get the pictures and mini descriptions..
    You need to click on, “Download the Rikki Hat by Clicking Here”. The link is located under the first picture showing the beautiful grey and purple hat.
    Wonderful hat, I’m CO this evening! Thanks!

    Comment by Karen — April 9, 2014

  67. I opened your site to get the free pattern and did not find a source on the site to do so…?????????????

    Comment by cb — April 14, 2014

  68. Hi! Not sure why you aren’t able to get the pdf, but here it is:

    Comment by Beth — April 23, 2014

  69. opens it up right away! :-) Beth

    Comment by Beth — April 23, 2014

  70. My name is Riki, so I figured I needed this hat. Still figuring out which yarn would be bes….but I will knit it since its so familiarly name.

    Comment by Riki — May 3, 2014

  71. What is (K13, pm)*. I understand K13 is knit 13 stitches, but what is pm. I would class myself as an intermediate to advance knitter, but have never heard this term before and I am teaching an advance beginner.

    Comment by Susan — June 2, 2014

  72. Hi Susan,

    ‘pm” stands for “place marker”. It is actually pretty common lingo in patterns–now that you know what it means I’m sure you’ll start seeing it all over the knitting world! (k13, pm) translates to “knit 13, place marker” and then repeat both of those together however many times the pattern instructs.


    Comment by Emma — June 4, 2014

  73. Hi. I am having some trouble understanding the pattern. Where do I start the magic loop? Do I close the cap by weaving the edges together? Additionally, when I reach the k2togh, k in the 13st series, I end up with 2ks. Is that corrects? 13sts= (2)1, (2)1. (2)1, (2)1, 1. Is that how that series is supposed to be?

    Comment by Wennie — June 29, 2014

  74. Hi Wennie,

    Are you knitting the hat flat? The hat should be knit in the round, which means you do not seam anything and you only do decreases at the top to close the hat.

    Also, you begin using the magic loop method when you change to the larger needles, i.e., when you start the body of the hat.

    Secondly, regarding the k2tog section, you do not k2tog, then k 13. You first k13, then place a marker, 8 times total. These markers indicate where you will decrease in the next several rounds. Then, k2tog every time you see a marker and do not be too concerned about counting the # of sts between markers, for this # will change with every decrease rnd.

    Hope that helps!


    Comment by Emma — July 1, 2014

  75. i want to knit this using worsted. the first time i made it i found the change tor number of stitches but i cant find now. please help/

    Comment by Terry — July 6, 2014

  76. Hi Terry,

    The pattern has always only had st #’s for DK weight yarn. Did you maybe find someone’s conversion on I would try looking the hat up on Ravelry and browsing the comments–you might find a worsted weight conversion there.



    Comment by Emma — July 15, 2014

  77. Love the pattern….has been my go to for a hat as most are too big…I do go down cast on stitiches to about 84 for my head size and the cast on I had to learn, but simple once you learn it….it does stretch! Love it…thank you

    Comment by Ann — September 18, 2014

  78. Really nice hat but I am stuck at K2tog, there are 13 sts between each marker. I K2tog and end up with 1 remaining before the marker what do i do with that?

    Comment by Yana — September 22, 2014

  79. My first time knitting in the round and second ever knit, worked really well even though I got slightly confused towards the end. Really nice hat but way too long for me, going to 7″ would have been enough. But thank you , it is lovely. (=

    Comment by Lucy — November 1, 2014

  80. I love this pattern. I’ve been seeing it all over Instagram and I’m now going to give it a whirl. Thank you for your generousity in making the pattern a free download.

    Comment by Kathleen — November 14, 2014

  81. I love love this pattern and have made 3 already and I, my husband and closest friend loves.

    Am making two more as gifts and wanted to make for my son who’s a toddler. How do you recommend sizing down the pattern to fit him?

    Can anyone help? Thanks!

    Comment by Elly — November 18, 2014

  82. Is this knit in the round????

    Comment by Lisa — December 4, 2014

  83. Just came across this pattern. I’m looking forward to knitting it. I’ve been searching for a simple and great looking hat pattern. Thanks….

    Comment by Edla Bayly — January 10, 2015

  84. I’m looking forward to knitting this great hat pattern that I’ve just found . Simple and lovely…. Thanks!

    Comment by Edla Bayly — January 10, 2015

  85. I would like to knit this great looking hat. I have preference for straight needle knitting and would love to have this pattern.

    Comment by Eizabeth Gaylord — January 10, 2015

  86. Would love to have this pattern!

    Comment by Maureen — January 13, 2015

  87. I have a friend with extra long hair, and a long, cold walk to the trainn. This could be perfect!

    Comment by Joan Sage — January 18, 2015

  88. Hi
    I am going to make this hat just because I like the pattern
    And that’s how I spell my name for 59 yrs

    Comment by Rikki moreno-gardner — January 21, 2015

  89. Hi love this hat just wondering if its possible to use straight needles to make it?? Thank you

    Comment by Lina Gitersos — January 29, 2015

  90. Is it essential to do the German Twisted Cast on? Would the regular long tail cast on work okay? The brim looks like it could be really loose, would not want to get into it and find it was really baggy. Making for a small adult.

    Comment by Maybeth — February 6, 2015

  91. Hi Maybeth!

    The German Twisted Cast on is not absolutely essential, it is rather just for stretchiness! You could also only knit up for 7 or 8 inches to make it less slouchy.

    Comment by Beth — February 19, 2015

  92. It is indeed knit in the round!

    Comment by Beth — February 19, 2015

  93. Im not able to download pattern? Love the hat would like to make it!

    Comment by denise — March 10, 2015

  94. Hi,
    I was wondering if anyone could tell me the actual measurement of the Rikki hat. The pattern says cast on 104 stitches using 4mm needles and I am not sure that the circumference will be large enough. What size adult head will it fit.
    Hope someone can let me know.

    Comment by patricia — May 3, 2015

  95. :-) How did the hat turn out, Rikki?

    Comment by Beth — June 1, 2015

  96. I love this hat too, and also want to convey my thanks for making this pattern available to us. I ran out of yarn and am very much looking forward to finishing it – NZ has 2 months left of Winter yet. My yarn is deep red with a silver thread running through. You can be sure I’ll be making another for my DD 11 very soon; I spotted a gorgeous purple a few weeks back… Blessings xx

    Comment by Michelle — July 4, 2015

  97. Thank you for the great pattern.

    Comment by Carolyn Waller — July 18, 2015

  98. Thanks for the great pattern. Just lovely.

    Comment by Carolyn Waller — July 18, 2015

  99. How much garter stitch ridges should there roughly be in the body of the hat? The 9 inches? I’m using standard 8ply wool on the 4.5mm circs

    Comment by Emma — September 18, 2015

  100. I do not see a link to this item, the hat looks very cute, and I sounds fairly easy to do……thabjs

    Comment by Jackie Moody — September 21, 2015

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