Evan Plevinski, Sales Associate

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It’s pretty tough to compete with Sesame Street, but thankfully, it never had to come to that. Evan Plevinski had already wrapped up his time touring the world as Telly, the lovable monster from the children’s television series, before he began working at Happy Knits, so phew! No grappling with Big Bird needed!

We couldn’t be happier to have got him, and he’s pretty pumped to be with us as well. “I really like how helpful everybody is here at the shop, and how big and open and welcoming Happy Knits is,” he says.

1. What are you knitting right now, and with what yarn?  I’m currently working on a new scarf design using Madelinetosh Tosh Merino DK.

2. What non-yarn crafts do you do?  I cook, and I LOVE to cook.  I’m not sure if that’s a craft or just a hobby, but I’m told I’m pretty good at it!

3. What’s your favorite fiber?  I’m a huge fan of Alpaca, but it’s hard to wear in Portland.  I’d have to say silk is really fun to work with, too.

4. Who taught you to knit?  Me!  I bought myself a beginning knitting book… and it was awful, I had NO idea what the pictures meant.  I ended up posting on Facebook that knitting was the worst idea ever, then my friend from high school, Kristen, sent me a nice message explaining good yarn and needles vs. cheap yarn and needles… she was SO right about the difference.  She also introduced me to KnittingHelp.com and Ravelry.

5. Picker or thrower? DPNs or circulars? Magic Loop or 2 circs?  Both! And circulars, Magic Loop.

6. Most unusual project you ever did?  A tombstone with a “WIP” duplicate stitched on it :)

7. First knitting project? Do you still have it?  Horrible garter stitch scarf… it made me never want to knit a scarf again. My partner James does wear it now, but I won’t allow him to wear it in front of knitters!

8. Knitting project you’re most proud of?  A beautiful lace shawl knit from the Fibre Company’s Road to China Light.  It was a mash up of two different patterns and I  can’t be more proud of how I put them together and how it came out.  My mother wore it to my brother’s wedding and I think she was more popular than the bride.

9. Recent project that led you to learning a new technique?  Mostly design stuff, and creating new techniques or stitch patterns.  I love to play around with something that exists and see exactly how I can manipulate it to create something new.

10. Favorite designers, and why?  Jared Flood for the simplicity.  Gudrun Johnston because you will ALWAYS learn something new.  Ysolda Teague for the cute and creative things she puts out.  Stephen West because he just has a knack for color that I’m super jealous of.

11. What luxurious location would you like to be knitting at right now?  Gold Coast, Australia.  One of the most beautiful and relaxed places I’ve ever been.

12. Where do you knit most often?  My couch :)

13. What do you knit most frequently?  Hats… I’m a hat addict.  I think it’s the instant (or nearly instant) gratification.

14. Why do you knit?  At first it was a way to kill some time when I wasn’t at work, then I discovered how much I really enjoyed the finished products that I would produce, and after a while I realized that the community of knitters is incredible.  I can’t even imagine what life would be like without my knitting family.

15. Do you wear the majority of your knitting, or do you tend to give it away?  I tend to give most of it away.  A boy can only have so many hats.

16. What do you like most about knitting?  The creatives process and the community.

17. What do you like to drink after knitting?  Anything but tea.  I will never be the tea drinking knitter, but you might catch me with a nice martini.

18. Favorite ’80s or ’90s TV show?  Alf! I wasn’t allowed to stay up late enough to watch it so my grandma would tape it for me.  I looked forward to those Alf VHS nights more than anything!

19. Favorite music or band? And do you prefer music while knitting?  I would much rather watch Food Network while knitting.

20. Best snack to nibble on while knitting?  I’m horrible about not eating things that will get on my yarn…and I’m notorious for eating Doritos dipped in sour cream while knitting.  Truth.

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  1. I loved the tombstone! My favorite part of that window. Witty and clever I say! Witty!

    Comment by Michelle — April 12, 2012

  2. I am really enjoying these staff bios. It is so interesting to learn where everyone has come from, their history, and their knitting preferences. Thanks so much for sharing these with us.

    Comment by Patty — April 12, 2012

  3. And thank you, Patty! We really appreciate hearing that – it’s been so much fun putting these together, and we couldn’t be happier people are enjoying them as much as we are! :)

    Comment by Nicci — April 12, 2012

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