Seasons and a Silken Trunk Show

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Hey there! In case you haven’t noticed, it is September y’all! Which is good news, to me at least, because: a) Autumn is coming, my favourite season of all b) it’s fashion show and fabric fair time and all the new exciting stuff is coming out c) despite it still being positively hot during the day here in Portland, it cools down at night and I don’t feel as if I have to take a shower before and directly after my morning bike ride to work.


A refreshing and minimal take on the triangle shawl: ‘Bryum‘ in Indochine colours Black and Coconut Creme

That being said, I cannot wait for it to get just a little bit cooler period – I recently visited all my cowls, scarfs and hats in my closet and they looked pretty sad, locked away and all. And there is so many sweaters and wooly accessories I cannot wait to make and wear. I have to say that I am just a tiny bit disappointed I was not born in Sweden/Norway/Iceland/Denmark/The Shetland Islands = places sufficiently cold with a very respectable knitting heritage, but I suppose I’ll just have to make all the stranded colourwork sweaters and wear my blonde hair in a braid wrapped around my head.

But back to fashion now: Fabric fairs and fashion shows mean glimpses of the future, it’s all spring/summer in Paris/London/Milan/New York/Tokyo+++ and Pantone has released their SS2015 colour palette –  I have to say I really appreciate my knitting because I usually knit things I am in the mood for, which means items I want to use or wear at that time or in the near future. I feel like it makes me experience the here and now when other aspects of my life are preoccupied with planning and the next season to come. Thankfully the knitting God created the Ravelry project page and queue, one for what you are obsessed with and making now, the other for storing the projects you get all excited about and want to knit in the future!


Camisole or tunic? You decide! ‘Erquy‘ in Indochine colours Gold and Coconut Creme

At the turn of the season we are lucky to have a trunk show from fellow local business Lantern Moon in the shop: 8 samples made from their exclusive yarn Indochine, a dreamy 100% sport weight silk will be on display at Happy Knits until Sunday night, September 14th. From tops to cowls, scarfs and naturally Annette’s popular Over the Moon Collar, the trunk show demonstrates how versatile silk is as a material – cool in summer, warm in winter! Now off you go, check out those new colours, fill your Ravelry queue with silky projects and get those knitting needles clickin’!

We’re famous!…a little bit.

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Hello! This is going to be a short and sweet post in which I will brag shamelessly about how awesome Happy Knits/my co-workers are. Maybe you have noticed that we started publishing in-house patterns on a regular basis, e.g. the Chic Chevron Shawlette and Over the Moon Collar, both designed by Annette, master knitter and one of my personal knitting idols. When I grow up (or let’s say… get older and wiser!) I want to knit like Annette! Anyway, one of Annette’s favourite knitting magazines, the UK based “The Knitter” approached us recently about naming the Over the Moon Collar in the magazine as an inspiration for a lightweight summer project.


Look, there we are! Over the Moon Collar in Indochine by Lantern Moon

Of course we did not say no to that!  So our little pattern is now featured in “The Knitter loves…” category on page 16 of the current issue no 74. You can get your copy locally at Oui Presse coffee shop one block away from Happy Knits. Please note that the pattern is not included in the magazine, you can find it here!

Wee things

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A few days ago I received an email from my mum. It went like this:

“Hi mouse (read sweetie, that’s what we say in German), I just saw a bunch of babies on TV. I would like to have one or several grandchildren. Thanks and kisses!”

Now if you don’t know my mother you might think, “Oh, how pushy and insensitive of her to put such pressure on her daughter!” Don’t fear, I thought it was hilarious. My response was:

“Dear Mrs. XYZ, we would like to inform you that the arrival of a grandchild is estimated to take place in 3-5 years. Please note that the ETA is susceptible to and might be influenced by life circumstances and unforeseeable complications brought on by factors yet unknown. For the meantime we refer you to the maternity ward of the local hospitals and the TV program you have been enjoying.

Sincerely, Nele and husband, manager and assistant manager”

She seemed fairly content with that answer. Anyway, let’s talk babies and stuff!

With the newest addition of Sarah Young’s wee one to the Happy Knits team and sooooo many of our friends having and expecting babies, we have been cranking out itty bitty sweaters, hats, slippers and blankets that I want to share with you today.    group_photo

So much baby stuff!

Let’s start with the newest sweater Annette got us all into–Beth and I are making one each for our respective pregnant lady friends: Ysolda Teague’s ‘Wee Envelope’! Super cute, super quick aaaand it uses Mohonk from Jill Draper Makes Stuff, which we love! All of Jill’s yarn is sourced and processed in the US.


‘Wee Envelope’ by Ysolda Teague made with MohonkUnderneath: ‘Wool Leaves’ baby blanket by Jared Flood made with Cascade Ecological Wool held double

An all time favourite is Laura Chau’s ‘Sweet Bunting’ in Acadia by The Fibre Co. Turns out, you can make a simple baby hat that shows off the same adorable colourwork as the sweater out of the leftovers!


‘Sweet Bunting’ by Laura Chau in Acadia

In case you need a shower gift instantaneously, look no further, the Purl Bee has got it! We like to look to their renowned blog for inspiration when we need a project that is beautiful, simple, modern and minimal.


The ‘Super Simple Super Soft Merino Baby Hat’ by Purl Soho. I made mine with Tundra because that’s as close as you can get to heaven in the fibre world.

The ‘Super Simple Super Soft Merino Baby Hat’ is a free pattern on the Purl Bee that works up in less than one hour on size 11 needles. Make a quick pom pom out of leftovers and you have  superb present!

Another free pattern from the same blog is the ‘Garter Ear Flap Hat’ and it is equally adorable! And of course we did not only make a hat–no–hello, matching sweater and booties! All of these are made with the machine washable Pebble Worsted from Black Trillium, dyed locally in Portland! The ‘A Simple Baby Pullover’ pattern is available for FREE on Ravelry.


‘Baby Moc-a-Soc‘ by Bekah Knits , ‘Garter Ear Flap Hat’ FREE by Purl Soho and ‘A Simple Baby Pullover’ FREE by Erica Kempf Broughton in Black Trillium Pebble Worsted. The blanket is ‘Dogwood’ by Emily Wessel in Madelinetosh Vintage

Last but not least some inspiration from one of my favourite blogs, Knitted Bliss. Julie often inspires me with the modified knitting projects she seeks out on Ravelry. This is one of Laura’s projects and I had to show it to you because I think that the new multi-coloured Regia would work fabulously for this!


‘Freakin’ Foxtastic’ modified sweater knitted by Laura. She combined the free patterns ‘Fox in the Snow Mittens’ and ‘Baby Sophisticate’. Try something like this with our new Regia yarns because the multicoloured fox heads are an effect of self-striping sock yarn!

Alright friends, I hope I got you all excited about tiny things (or not so tiny – I am actually making an adult sized version of the Freakin’ Foxtastic. I don’t care if you think that’s silly, I’ll wear it, keeping Portland weird.)

Grab your needles and go!

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